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5 Eco-Friendly Watches That’ll Make You Look Good

Orologio Nordgreen con cassa nero

Nordgreen on Unsplash

The watch industry is starting to feel the effects of sustainability as a growing concern in the consumer goods industry. More and more shoppers are on the lookout for environmentally friendly options. Many brands of watches finally realize they need to update their products to remain competitive, producing eco-friendly watches of exceptional aesthetic quality. 

More and more shoppers are looking for eco-friendly options as they try to reduce their impact on the planet. Large watch manufacturers are gradually shifting their focus to environmentally friendly products, but independent startups are also impacting this industry. 

If you’re in the market for a sustainable watch, these are five of the best options to help you make an informed purchase.

1. Nordgreen

Nordgreen, a sustainable watch company co-founded by Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt, is an ode to simplicity, utility, and classic Scandinavian style. Their work is driven by an appreciation for life and the planet. The best eco-friendly action, according to the company, is not to wear a watch at all. In cases where this is not possible, they strive to provide the best available alternative. If you would like to buy yourself or give someone special a valuable piece, go through the collection of men’s watches from Nordgreen.

2. Solios 

Solios watches are eco-friendly and were designed from the ground up to make a difference. Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais, the company’s co-founders, first used this strategy to challenge the watch market. Each watch is handcrafted by the company, utilizing only the finest materials, ethical production methods, and a classic understated aesthetic. 

 Nordgreen watch with green canvas strap

3. Transforming the Industry of Watches (TRIWA) 

We are huge fans of the company’s timepieces since they are created using a narrative-based design process that strives to go beyond the superficial focus on fashion and status symbols to instead bring attention to meaningful causes.

One can find models and colors suitable for both men and women among their offerings. The Time for Oceans line has a diver’s watch that can be purchased in a variety of hues. 

4. Chopard 

Chopard’s goal and principles are based on a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. The use of ethically sourced materials allows the model to smoothly mix luxury, elegance, and environmental and social responsibility. For example, Chopard only uses gold from RJC-approved sources to make its luxurious timepieces. 

Of course, that’s not all of it. The alligator leather straps are hand-made by the company using vegetable tanning. Finally, the luxury watchmaker designs and manufactures everything by hand to ensure that it meets the brand’s exacting quality and sustainability criteria.

5. Awake

The components of these timepieces come from previously used ones. Watch straps by Parisian label Awake are crafted from Phoenix fabric straps manufactured entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. In addition, they created the first ever watch case made from discarded fishing nets. 

They produce timepieces with cellulose straps and stainless steel cases that can be recycled. Solar energy is used to power the watch; thus, no disposable batteries are required. The goal of Awake is to envision a new, more courteous, and ecological world through its products and relationships. The timepieces are guaranteed for two years.