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5 House Decorating Tips

5 House Decorating Tips

Blue Bird from Pexels

Whether you’ve been living in the same home for years or looking for houses for rent in San Antonio, you have multiple options when it comes to decorating. Plus, it doesn’t just stop inside your house – we have ideas for decorating both the interior and exterior, plus showing you what colors and styles are in this season. These are easy tips for DIYers, and nice projects to tackle over the weekend. 

Start at the Front Door

When you look at a house from the street, your eyes are usually drawn to the porch, landscaping and front door. All three of these tie in with each other, and it sets the tone for the interior. A red door is lucky in a lot of cultures, and adds a sense of warmth and coziness when you open it. Bright colors like blues, yellows and greens are refreshing and add a sense of brightness and cheeriness to your home. 

Paint the Walls Light

Stick to light and neutral colors for your walls so you can add in accent pieces and decor with different colors. Light walls also open up living spaces and make spaces brighter, especially when you don’t have a room with a lot of windows. The light wall colors will also make small spaces seem larger because of their contrast with the floor and natural light reflecting off it.

 5 House Decorating Tips

Make Your Living Room Seating Area Match

When you walk into a hotel lobby, you’ll notice that all of the furniture matches, and is often arranged in small groups to enable gathering and a comfortable vibe. Buy furniture that goes well with the sofa, and if you choose to do a u-shaped area, pick a contrasting coffee table that doesn’t exactly match the furniture. 

Another tip to keep in mind is to never push the furniture to the walls. Doing this makes the room feel too large and spread out, making it look like you don’t have enough furniture to fill the room. Use the space you have and work with it, instead. 

Use Natural Light in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the spaces we start our day in and create delicious, memorable meals in. Having drapes on kitchen windows creates a sense of darkness instead of a refreshing place to cook and bake. If you do want to block some sun, use neutral linen panels instead. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best home decor inventions out there. They can make a space feel bigger and brighter since they reflect light and bounce it around the room. Face the mirror perpendicular from windows so the light casts into the room and you’ll notice the small space now looks bigger and brighter.