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5 Ideal Proposals to Decorate a Garden

5 Ideal Proposals to Decorate a Garden

Little by little, we are getting used to living in what is already known as the “new normal,” Although we are leaving the house more and more, we have learned to value our home during all this time. And we have realized that whoever has a terrace or a garden has a treasure. If we also add that the heat is here to stay, who does not dream of a garden in which to relax, sunbathe and meet friends away from the crowds? If you are one of the lucky ones who have it, here you will find 5 proposals to know how to decorate your garden and leave everyone open-mouthed. Professional architects and gardeners helped me compile and rewrite my paper with these tips.

In this sense, the garden is that unique space that gives personality to our home. With a combination of imagination and good taste, we can decorate to make it the house’s magical and memorable corner. That place where you can disconnect, meet with family and friends, and spend pleasant evenings in the moonlight. No matter the size and shape, you will find ideas to decorate your garden to suit all tastes and needs among our tips.

Garden decoration: 5 charming ideas

Houses with gardens are among the key trends in searching for a new home after the coronavirus as they are synonymous with more space, natural light, and higher quality of life. Therefore, if you already have one, it is vital to know how to make the most of it to get a dream exterior decoration.

But how to decorate a garden and be able to “show it off”? Take note of these tips and fill your home with life!

 5 Ideal Proposals to Decorate a Garden

1. Decorate the Garden with Pallets

We can not talk about garden decoration without mentioning the king of DIY decoration in recent years: the pallet. Versatile, sustainable, and easy to maintain, pallets are perfect for creating garden furniture, be it tables or sofas. By including them in the garden decoration, you get a vintage and very cozy atmosphere, perfect for after-dinner meals in the company. Dress the pallets with cushions to finish defining the style and add some shade, and the result will be a beautiful chill-out area.

2. When Decorating Gardens say YES to Vegetation

When decorating a garden, plants are a must. Of course, we must always introduce them with criteria and follow a logic that fits the style we want to give to the whole. For this, several options can be used, and that feels very well to any garden. For example, you can delimit a space to center all the plants in it, whether roses, cactus, or any other we like. Another option would be the vertical garden, perfect for decorating small gardens. We use an already available element (wall of the exterior house or division of the property) to give life to space. After all, what would a garden be without plants?

3. Ideas for Colorful Gardens

Another option when deciding how to decorate a garden is daring with color to achieve a very personal, unique space with character. So, if you feel identified with this description, it is clear that your thing is the combination of furniture of different colors. For example, you can use chairs of different colors around the same table or, if it seems too much, you can always add that touch of color through the accessories: cushions, tablecloths, candles, or lights will be your greatest ally here.

 5 Ideal Proposals to Decorate a Garden

4. Country Inspiration for Garden Decoration

The combination of materials such as stone, wicker, and wood never goes out of fashion. And it is a very successful option for decorating the garden since, together, these materials convey a country and Provencal essence that will help you create a warm, fresh, and very cozy space. Combine rattan or wicker chairs with wooden tables on stone floors, and you will get a set that you will not want to move. You can add warmth with textiles, linen, cotton, and earthy colors to go more in line with the country style.

5. Minimalist Garden Decoration

The minimalist decoration is characterized by ‘less is more. That is to say. It only understands the use of what is necessary and avoids decorative elements and the extra. It also tends to opt for light tones, which give a feeling of spaciousness and serenity, and tranquility. Minimalist garden decoration perfectly fits small gardens since they do not need many resources to be complete.