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5 Ideas to Engage your Twitter Followers

5 Ideas to Engage your Twitter Followers

Twitter has arrived as a gamechanger in the field of social media. Established in 2006 as a microblogging and networking service, it has transformed the entire social media landscape. With billions of users across the globe, it offers an infinite growth potential. The service is way ahead of its time and is loaded with advanced features that prove beneficial for your success. It is the ideal platform for individuals, brands, businesses, influencers, and celebrities alike. A single tweet can make or mar the reputation of an individual or a business. However, getting popular on this platform may seem a herculean feat owing to the intense competition. But, we have come up with a solution that will save you from turbulent waters. Whether you have just started your journey or stuck where no signs of visible growth are visible, we will assist you. This article encompasses 5 ideas that will enable you to crack the Twitter code and engage effectively with your followers. Implement these 5 tactics for the highest level of growth and get engagement on Twitter. After employing the tricks mentioned here, you will start getting more favorites, retweets, responses, and CTR on Twitter. These tips and tricks will culminate in a high clickthrough rate. 

Optimize your Twitter Profile  

For starters, this can work as a miracle. Optimization is a parameter that will take you ahead in the social media universe. Not only this helps to attract new users, but these prevent your tweets from being susceptible to bots. Here are the key factors to a follower-friendly profile. 

A clean Profile Photo: Get ready to turn heads with a high-quality facial photo. For best results, you must use a picture with the correct dimensions that invites huge public attention.

Relevant tags, keywords & location: Your profile should bear an engaging title, the name of your company, and its location.   

Your personality your way: Showcase your true self to your audience by adding your personality traits. 

 5 Ideas to Engage your Twitter Followers

Frequency of Tweets

Feeling doubtful? It might be the right time to increase your Tweet count. When it comes to Twitter, content strategy turns aggressive than ever before. The algorithm of this social media platform lets you catch the sweet spot anywhere between 3-7 tweets per day. You are permitted to increase your tweet frequency while undertaking the competitive analysis. 


An undeniable fact here is the significance of hashtags. Most people are already aware of a hashtag and its purpose? But they are still uninformed regarding the fact that hashtags work as a form of SEO. According to data revealed by researchers, tweets with hashtags are the clear winners when it comes to engagement rate. You almost have 13% more chances of getting followers if you leverage the power of hashtags. 

Post more visually appealing content

A picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, be a man of words by providing the joy of premium graphics. Your users may feel entertained, informed, or delightful with various types of facts. Nevertheless, this will drive more traffic to your account and you get what you deserve- likes, shares, and retweets. Hence, ensure that a sizable number of your tweets are accompanied by images. What’s more? You can take advantage of color psychology to influence your prospective customers. 

The art of Twitteratis   

Perhaps the most important Twitter hack is to master the arts of tagging, retweeting, and replying. Features like scheduled tweets will help you to optimize engagement. Try to retweet interesting posts for grabbing the attention of your fans. You must align your goals with the likes of your followers, customer base, and leaders. While replying, a thoughtful response will let you get more twitter followers. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join the movement to become a professional Twitteratis. 

Here we have reached the end of this article. But, there’s no end for you because your journey to success has just begun. Kickoff today for accelerated growth and revenue. We recommend a thorough analysis of your business before starting with these tricks as it will help you to add a customized touch. Start today and take the road less traveled.