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5 Inspirational DIY Bathroom Designs for 2020

If your bathroom is dying for a fresh look and you’re craving some meaningful, goal-oriented work, tackling some DIY bathroom projects is a perfect idea. Whether you’re going for a simple update or you want to create a chic new look (like you can at places like Showersly), the world of DIY is full of ideas and potential. 

From using old jars and crates for storage, to changing your taps and fixtures and installing new tubs, even the most inexperienced handyperson can be an accomplished master.

Here are several DIY inspirational bathroom designs for this year to help you get started with your own bathroom makeover.

Finding Inspiration and Advice

Getting started with your DIY can be intimidating if you’ve had no experience before, but in the age of YouTube video tutorials, DIY home renovation projects have become much easier. A recent Australian study has revealed that almost a third of surveyed individuals said they watch YouTube videos to find advice and help with their reno projects. 

Interestingly, the same data revealed that the age groups most willing to watch DIY YouTube tutorials and guides are between 55 and 64. To these people discovering this helpful content has been a godsend for DIYers looking for inspiration and how-to-advice. For those that are ready to embark on such projects, be sure to plan your bathroom renovations carefully and opt for smaller and safer projects that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home. 

Brass Fixtures and Taps

Metallic bathroom finishes have been a dominant design trend since 2019 but this year opens the stage door for brass. This is an excellent material for a variety of accessories and fixtures adding elegance and luxury to your bathroom. This is why the nicest hotels around the globe have them in their bathrooms – they give a refined finish and weather well which makes them a durable choice.

Replacing your taps and fixtures is a simple DIY project and the idea is to create a lux and sophisticated look by pairing brass with marble. To emphasize the look and add an opulent finishing touch, introduce dark shades of navy blue in either your vanity or the wall color. 

Statement Tubs

Freestanding tubs have been a hot trend for a while now but the new trend suggests you play with its shape. Instead of conventional clawfoot tubs most homes have, go for a more unique look and install an oval or pill-shaped tub. You can even opt for ones with a wooden base or legs that will make them appear lighter and slimmer. These unexpected shapes will take your bathroom aesthetics to a whole new level and will make anyone who comes in want to jump in and relax.  

 5 Inspirational DIY Bathroom Designs for 2020

Wooden Elements

The trend of using natural textures from previous years is continuing this year as well with the idea of expanding the look of sawn, stripped-back and treated grains. The aim is to create a tranquil and peaceful environment by bringing the outdoors in with hand-crafted wood pieces that perfectly suit the bathroom space. 

It could be done in the form of a simple wooden ladder with a weathered look to add a touch of rustic warmth, wooden crates to provide more storage, towel bars and floating shelves. All of these are simple and low-cost DIY projects that can be done in one afternoon. 

Bespoke Mirrors

Mirrors have such a powerful design role in bathrooms that they could be considered as its jewelry due to their shiny, reflective surface. So, don’t settle for a plain mirror and don’t believe that a bespoke one has to cost a fortune. With some simple DIY tricks, you can have a unique bathroom feature that will greet you warmly every time you enter the room.

One idea is to create a tile-framed mirror that will only require a wooden frame for the mirror and some tiles and grout. When finished, you’ll have a lovely and bespoke piece above your bathroom vanity.

Another way to go is to play with symmetry. The asymmetrical look is a cool design trick as it adds liveliness to a room and keeps things interesting for the eye. You can opt for a mirror or even a pair that is asymmetrical in their shape or pick one regular mirror and install it asymmetrically to the washbasin. 

Alternative Seat Cover Colors

Replacing your toilet seat cover doesn’t sound very radical but is a trend that is absolutely taking over this year. On the plus side, it’s an easy, cheap and effective way to upgrade both your toilet and your bathroom. It gives an instant mini-facelift to the space, adds more depth and texture, and with a careful choice of color and material, you can easily tie it with other design elements you’ve already incorporated such as wooden details, new taps or wall paint.


Like all home renovation projects, creative DIY updates in the bathroom have a wide range, from small and practical updates that maximize storage to the latest hardware and color styles. If you’re looking for guidance and inspiration, these are the hottest design trends to watch out for this year.