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5 Interior Lighting Tricks to Illuminate your Home This Winter

Kitchen flooded with natural light

As the evenings start to draw in just that little bit earlier, you might be struggling to bring your home to live in these cold, dark winter nights. But have no fear sun worshippers – we have the top 5 tips to brighten up your home and make the most of your space this season. From fairy lights to Farrow and Ball, there’s an inspiration for every room, and every budget, to help illuminate your home.

1. Choose Lighting that Works

Being selective when choosing light bulbs can make a noticeable difference in keeping your space light and bright. Fitting warmer-toned lightbulbs into your light fixtures can add a cozier feel, which if strategically placed around your home can instantly brighten a room. LED bulbs are your best bet, with warmer tones available whilst being energy-efficient and lowering running costs.

Alternatively, candles and fairy lights can also be used as light sources, especially as we move closer to the festive period. Fireplaces are also a great form of light if you’re fortunate enough to have one in your home, and you have the added benefit of heating your home as well!

2. Be Picky With Paint Colours

Paint colors can drastically change the feel and brightness of a room; making it worthwhile putting a bit of thought into the most appropriate and effective color palette for your space.  In a recent interview by Finio, Interior Designer Lisa Gentille recommended that homeowners “go with the size of the room. If it’s small, go bright; if it’s big, dark colors will work. I’d only use black if you already have a lot of light”.

Generally, the most advisable colors for a brighter palette include shades of white and cream, to create an air of cleanliness in the room. This also applies to the ceiling, which if painted white reflects surrounding light and consequently brightens the room. It’s also advisable that paint colors of neutral or pastel tones are the best way to go if you want to encourage brightness or visually expand the space in your home.

Dark colors aren’t out of the picture entirely though, just more advisable as a pop of color or feature wall to help maintain the feeling of natural lighting in your room.

 Bathroom flooded with natural light from skylight

3. Mirrors

Smaller spaces can be made to look much brighter through the use of mirrors, which create the illusion of a bigger space. One of the best brightening, space-stretching solutions is to install floor-to-ceiling mirror doors on wardrobes. However, smaller mirrors as decorative pieces can also be good at enhancing light.

Using mirrors on the room’s focal wall is a crucial trend in utilizing light sources. This keeps the space light and bright, particularly if you’re limited in accessing a wealth of natural light during the day.

4. Declutter Your Space!

The most unassuming method of brightening your home this winter is to have a good old clear-out. Be ruthless! You’ll likely be surprised by how much stuff is gathering dust in your home. Using the 90/90 rule is probably a smart place to start. If you haven’t used the item in the last 90 days, and likely won’t in the next 90 – it’s time to let it go! Constructing a more minimalistic space will make way for more light to enter, with the extra space creating a lighter and more spacious vibe.

Upcycling your current furniture can also be a good way of making a room feel brighter. For example, DIY’ing furniture with a darker wood stain and making it lighter would be productive in combatting darkness.

5. Make the most of Natural Light 

The winter nights might be drawing in far quicker than we’d like, but making the most of the light entering your home during the day is equally as important as artificial light in the evening. Ideally, a south-facing home and windows allow you to make the most of winter daylight. However, even cleaning your windows and making the most of whatever sunlight you can access will make a big difference to how your home feels. In terms of your home layout in regards to the sun, it’s best to “balance these things with your personal needs.” Work out whether it’s best for you to have your brightest rooms as your bedroom or as social rooms, which will ultimately contribute towards the way you feel about your home.

The smallest of changes can have the biggest impact on the feel and brightness of a home. From studio apartments to stately homes, you really can illuminate your home on any budget this winter season.