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5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Moving to New York

5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Moving to New York

As one of the most attractive global cities, New York can be challenging for a newcomer. No matter where you’re moving from, preparation is an extensive process. Navigating the housing market and finding a nice apartment is an especially time-consuming endeavour that can quickly drain your energy. If you want to begin your life in New York from a comfortable and secure position, here are five key issues to keep in mind while you prepare for moving. 

Should You Use a Broker for Finding an Apartment?  

Small apartments and inflated prices are the norm in New York, one of the world’s most expensive cities. Although job opportunities can be extraordinary, make sure your salary compensates for the high cost of living, so you can afford a place that corresponds to your expectations. Using a broker might be a sensible thing to do, but if you worry about your budget, you can cut that cost easily. Finding no broker fee apartments in NYC has never been as easy, with many reputable platforms connecting landlords and tenants directly. 

 5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Moving to New York

What Neighbourhood to Choose? 

If you’re moving from a smaller city, New York is an intimidating place. Adding that each neighbourhood comes with its distinct vibe and personality, it can be daunting to choose a place to live. How to tell where you would feel most comfortable? What neighbourhoods are the most affordable? Does affordability come with security and safety? These are crucial questions to consider, so research in-depth. 

How Will You Get Around the City? 

Finding an ideal apartment is difficult, but not impossible. In your rush to find a home in New York, remember that location matters as much as living conditions in a city of this size. Learn the map of New York, research ways of getting around the city and decide whether each apartment you are interested in is well-connected. The subway is fast and reliable, but navigating the city is stressful. Your commute time will matter immensely in determining your quality of life in New York. 

 5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Moving to New York

Are You Ready to Downsize? 

New York is notorious for tiny apartments, so you must be ready to downsize significantly when moving. Few people have access to large storage spaces. Renting an apartment with an attic, garage or multiple closets is incredibly expensive. Many newcomers are forced to get creative with storage and learn to live in a smaller space. Thus, you might not be able to bring in a lot of furniture or heavy items. Make peace with the fact that you might have to sell or donate some of your possessions before moving to New York. 

Are You Ready to Compromise? 

In New York, finding a large apartment in an ideal location at an affordable price is unrealistic. Unless you have a wildly generous budget, you will have to make some compromises. Think thoroughly and decide which aspect matters most to you: location, size or rent price? Be ready to compromise on at least one of these criteria. If not, you can spend months waiting for an offer that might never come.