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5 Reasons To Opt For Solar System For Your Property     

Single-family house with solar panels installed on the roof

Electricity is necessary for lighting, controlling temperature, and powering many home equipment. Power prices are continually rising as a result of the rising energy demand. Now, people are opting for the alternative mode of power. Solar power is one of the cleanest and most cost-effective alternatives to traditional coal power.

For example, Brisbane, a city in the centre of South East Queensland, is one of the most populated cities in Australia. It is a subtropical beauty with pleasant weather all year round. On average, each square meter receives 5.2 hours of maximum daily sunlight. These are the ideal conditions for installing a residential solar system. Solar energy can benefit you in numerous ways, including reduced electricity costs.

What is a Residential Solar Power System?

Due to the advancement of modern technology in the last few decades, energy-efficient power systems are on the rise; now, you can install them in your industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

Residential solar panels are a group of solar cells that produce and supply electricity to your house. It doesn’t matter if you have a single-storey or double-storey home; you can get an energy-saving solution. 

Why Should I Go Solar?

More and more people are inclining toward energy-efficient options, and if you are one of them, you can install solar system panels in your house; below are some reasons why you should do it. 

1. Reduces Utility Costs

Significant advantages of using energy from the sun include financial gains and reduced monthly electricity expenditures. You only need to mount the suitable size cells in the right place. It’s simple to produce enough electricity to run your entire home. So, if you are searching for ways to lower your monthly electricity costs and make a low-risk and long-term investment, you can easily do so. 

 Close-up on solar panels installed on the roof of a single-family house

2. Increases The Value Of Your Home

Solar panels not only lower your electricity bill but also increase the value of your house. They are improvements, much like a recently refurbished kitchen or renovated bathroom. It’s essential to remember that modern purchasers want to buy energy-efficient homes, so you should consider making this investment.

3. It Helps The Environment

Adding solar panels to your home can fight global warming and lessen society’s reliance on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels release dangerous gases such as nitrogen oxides, CO2, etc., mainly contributing to smog and climate change worldwide. Also, this energy-efficient system does not require water; therefore, the panel does not contaminate water sources or strain the global water supply.

4. It Requires Less Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, residential solar energy systems are simple to maintain; however, they need some upkeep to function for years without any issue. For homeowners, this means less stress. You could clean it with a gentle brush and a hose. However, it is recommended to leave more significant repairs, such as replacing the panels, to a professional. With a bit of yearly maintenance, your panel can run for years. They typically last 25 to 30 years; some might run for more than that. 

5. Government Rebates And Incentives

Governments offer rebates and incentives to those who install solar panels in their homes. This is why you should speak with a qualified installer and expert in your region who can help you correctly fill out all the required paperwork to lower costs. You can get financial incentives from the Australian government to assist you in covering the cost of mounting the panels on your home. 

The Queensland government offers some fantastic incentives for the solar system, and being the capital, Brisbane residents are eligible for incentives totalling an average of $2,772 in 2022 for a typical 5kW system constructed under the national SRE program. With a 3 to 5-year payback period, a residential solar system can save the average Brisbane homeowner up to three thousand dollars annually. Also, the panels’ strong construction allows them to survive harsh weather conditions, including hail and heavy winds, making them a good long-term investment. 


In conclusion, in addition to lowering your home’s environmental impact and providing a range of other advantages, such as supporting local companies and promoting energy independence, solar panels are a terrific method to offset energy bills.