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5 Things Every Manufacturer Should Have

5 Things Every Manufacturer Should Have

If you’re planning to venture into the manufacturing sector, you’ll need to invest in some high-quality equipment and software to streamline manufacturing processes and keep your business running.

Certain specialized hardware and equipment are necessary to facilitate and simplify the production process. In addition to hardware tools, you may also need to invest in robust automation tools to help manage administrative tasks and stay organized.

Knowing what tools and equipment to invest in can help you save costs and improve operational efficiency. Here are the 5 hardware and software tools every manufacturer should have.

1. A Quality CIJ Printer

A continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is a must-have tool in any manufacturing setting. These printers are widely used for consumer and industrial product coding applications.

CIJ printers print small character texts, bar codes, logos, and date codes on bottles and a variety of other products. They print low-resolution dot pattern and utilize harsh solvents that can achieve better adhesion and permanence.

But a CIJ printer doesn’t work on its own. You’ll need a CIJ ink that matches your printer specifications, and the replacement Markem Imaje ink from Needham is a great choice. Needham offers a wide range of replacement Markem Imaje inks and solvents that are tested extensively using Imaje printers to ensure 100% compatibility.

 5 Things Every Manufacturer Should Have

2. Laser Cutter

Laser cutting is one of the many processes that have seen much more widespread use over the years, especially in the manufacturing industries.

Many manufacturing companies are now utilizing laser cutters to cut materials (metal, plastics, etc.) as opposed to the plasma cutting. That’s because laser cutting is more advantageous than traditional cutting methods in many ways.

For instance, laser cutting is more precise and uses less energy when cutting aluminum and steel sheets. Laser cutting technology also enables you to cut complex shapes faster and easily without the need for tooling.

3. Barcode Reader

Barcodes and barcode scanners are now an integral part of any high-functioning business looking to take their asset management and organizational efficiency to the next level.

Using barcodes make it easier for manufacturing companies to organize and track inventory. Barcodes help with inventory management because they make it easier for business owners to know how much inventory they have in stock. Rather than totaling up the inventory with a pen and paper, it’s easier to do the inventory count by scanning the barcodes on your boxes.

 5 Things Every Manufacturer Should Have

4. A Website

In this day and age, anyone without an online presence may not keep up with the competition.

No matter what industry you work in, you’ll need an online presence where your customers and clients can reach out to you. And that starts with a website. Every manufacturer should have a website updatedwith relevant company info, including mission, core values, and a contact page.

5. An Inventory Management System

An inventory management system is one of the handy automation tools that every manufacturer should have.

A robust inventory management software should help you track product levels, sales, purchase orders, and incoming stock. It should also integrate with your CRM or accounting software to create seamless workflows.

What other tools do you think deserve a place in the manufacturers’ toolkit? Share with us in the comments section below.