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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer 

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In today’s competitive digital business scene, content is everything. One critical content creation component that can make or break your brand awareness efforts is the quality of your graphics.

Unfortunately, getting graphics right is taxing and often require working with skilled designers, who can sometimes be challenging to find. But with a basic understanding of some of the things you may need to be on the lookout for, it is easier to pick one.

This post highlights what you will need to consider when hiring a graphic designer.

Their Charges

Everything you do must align with your budget if you hope to remain profitable. If you don’t have too much graphics work or are on a tight budget, the best idea would be to work with a freelance graphic designer. This allows you to get good quality work done without spending without worrying about complicated contracts as they usually charge you by the project.

If you have plenty of ongoing graphic designing tasks, your best option would be to get an in-house graphics designer. Hiring a full-time graphics designer means you will also have to add them to your payroll.

Depending on the state, you may also need to issue them with a paystub. If creating pay stubs for your employees is becoming a challenge, using an online paystub generator like FormPros can help you generate these documents faster and cheaply.

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Experience is one of the most important things you will have to look for in a graphic designer. This means you will be looking for a designer that will do more than draw and make designs. Having relevant industry experience means the designer can easily conjure any company’s essence and philosophy, which is essential in creating winning graphics.

Therefore, before settling for a designer, ask to see their portfolio. If you notice they do not have much to show or the ability to follow a specific style, it could signify inexperience. Their asking price can also indicate experience level, with low rates showing inexperience.

Testimonials and Reviews

Every serious graphic designer will have a website with testimonials and reviews left by past clients. It is unlikely to find a designer with positive reviews only. However, if your prospective graphic designer’s website has many negative reviews, it is best to avoid them.

Platforms for freelance work such as Upwork, Designhill, and Fiverr allow past clients to leave reviews. That means you will want to check them out if you are sourcing your graphic designer from a freelancing platform.

Interpersonal Skills

Graphics designer roles put them in a position where they need to collaborate with other employees in your organization, such as the sales and marketing team and other content creators. Also, you will need to constantly communicate with them, making interpersonal skills a determining factor when hiring a graphics designer.

You can learn about a person’s interpersonal skills through their testimonials and reviews. Interpersonal skills are the one thing disgruntled or happy former clients will not leave out when writing a review or a testimonial


If you go the freelancer route, the designer’s availability is a factor you need to consider. In other words, you have to make your expectations on availability clear or agree on what compromises you could make to achieve your objective.

If their availability when you need them cannot be guaranteed, they may not be the best option for you, even if they meet your other expectations. Content marketing can be quite time-sensitive, and lost time could mean lost opportunities.