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5 Things to Plan Before Building A Pool

circular concrete swimming pool view from above

Having a pool in your yard is soothing to the soul. With many entertainment possibilities and opportunities to relax, it’s easy to see why many Australians want to build a pool for their home. The thing is, creating a pool is more than having the best crew for the installation. You also have to consider permits, site costs, compliance, and suitable materials. While many builders may hide this crucial information from you, professional companies avoid nasty surprises.

Below are the five things that most homeowners fail to plan for and, therefore, plan to fail. 

A clever design starts with integration

Builders should design your pool to match the site’s conditions. There are no two similar circumstances when working with different clients, from the soil type, proximity to structures, trees, underground services, site elevation, and the surrounding integration and landscaping vision. 

Next is the pool shape, depth, size, pavilion slabs, ledges, retaining walls, feature walls, glass window panels, spas, and fencing configurations. These factors influence the utility of the space.  

Make sure you choose a highly experienced builder who can see beyond your untrained eye. For instance, if retaining walls are a must-have feature for you, they may suggest a raised pool to double as your retaining wall, planter box or cascading water feature. 

Most Pool builders in the market specialise in one type of pool

There is always a dilemma between two pool types; concrete and fibreglass. Some builders specialise in either of the two, and they may be biased to make you join their team with a pool that doesn’t suit your best interests.

To put it into perspective, a pool company specialising in fibreglass pools may inspect your site and customise their quote or opinion towards the fibreglass pool. This may be opposed to the best and most affordable option for your case. 

The rule of the thumb is to ask another pool builder who deals with concrete and fibreglass pools for an honest opinion. 

 Man dives into a swimming pool

Permits, planning and council permits – ensure your pool complies with regulations

Any pool as proposed for hard surface areas, like extended concrete surrounds and slabs, needs permit approval from a private certifier or local government and the state water board. 

Complying with regulations for your pool’s design is no small feat. Designing the whole backyard together, including all the hard surfaces for plotting and approval, is highly recommended. This prevents the back and forth, like stopping the project for reapplication. 

Pool construction commences after all approvals are met. Deciding to have a pool is simply the beginning of an extensive process since the construction never starts straight away. The approval process depends on your local council, with some taking several months. A quicker option is using a private certifier, but your location and the pool type determine your eligibility.

Check out the NSW Planning Portal to know more about your zone, or call the council to affirm the approval timeframe.

Filtration, heating, cleaning, automation: What’s the fuss?

Just like your car needs proper fuel, regular tune-ups, and general maintenance to maintain its vibrance and extend longevity, so does your pool! But slightly differently.

The good thing is pool maintenance is much simpler, with the only need for a leaf-free skimmer basket, a clean filter element, and chemically-treated water. Proper drainage and surrounding elevations make it easier to prevent debris from entering the pool, minimising your maintenance duties. 

Big and messy trees nearby can be a nuisance, but investing in a suitable cleaner goes a long way. Consider investments like pool covers to keep the leaves and debris out of your oasis. 

As you choose accessories, always keep in mind the gap or distance between the filtration set-up and the pool. The sizes should also match the water body. 

Your budget needs to include pool building and landscaping 

Having a pool in your yard is quite exciting, but did you know that you only spend 20% of your time in the pool and the other 80% beside it? You could enjoy sunbathing, reading a novel, listening to your favourite playlist, having heart-to-heart conversations with friends and even a BBQ. The fact remains that we spend loads of time hanging around the pool. That’s why landscaping, plants, and furniture have become prominent conversations when considering installing a pool.


Pools are undoubtedly one of the greatest investments in any home. Still, your pool’s overall design and quality will have to do with your choice of pool builders. Highly experienced and knowledgeable builders with a good portfolio help bring a fully functional pool to life and offer excellent value for your money!