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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor

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House basements are often viewed as a storage space for things no longer needed at home or for storing maintenance and cleaning tools. Due to this, this space tends to be overlooked and abandoned. And since they are left unattended, they are prone to deteriorate over time and collect moisture. And in cases of excessive rain, flooding may occur. 

One of the ways to avoid this from happening is by waterproofing your basement. To do this, you would need to hire a basement waterproofing contractor, such as this Raleigh basement waterproofing company. So, how do you look for a reliable team to cater to your basement needs?

This article will outline some helpful tips to guide you when choosing the right basement waterproofing contractor.

1. Do Your Research

Much like any significant house maintenance activity, you need to do a little digging to find a good basement waterproofing contractor for your waterproofing needs. This includes visiting various company websites and going to the review section. Are the comments negative or positive? Reading the feedback from previous clients will allow you to know the contractor’s reputation and the quality of the service they’re offering. This can then help you make an informed decision when choosing a contractor.

But aside from researching the contractor’s reputation and client feedback, consider checking their portfolio too. Doing so can help assure you of their qualification and that they’re capable of doing the job.

2. Assess The Services Offered

Before deciding on a basement waterproofing contractor, consider assessing the scope of services they’ll offer you. For instance, can they do a consultation? You’d want a contractor who can help you identify the underlying issue in your basement before proceeding with the waterproofing activity. This can ensure that their work will be long-lasting; in short, they won’t just place a band-aid solution on your basement problem.

It’s also recommended to inquire about the procedure they’ll take to waterproof your basement. This way, you’ll get to assess their capabilities and if they know what they’re doing.

In addition, ask if they’ll acquire the necessary permits from the relevant authority on your behalf or not. This can help ensure that preparation is in order and you won’t be rushing permits at the end of the day. 

By assessing the services a contractor can offer, you’ll be in a better position to judge whether they’re suitable for the job.

 bitumen waterproofing of the foundation

3. Request To See Their Credentials

Credentials are vital, especially when it comes to service providers. You need to ensure they’re certified and qualified to offer and do their services.

To help you with this, consider checking the following documents and credentials:

  • License

A license will inform you if the local government has permitted them to provide waterproofing services. More so, be sure to take note of the expiry date on the license to ensure that it isn’t outdated. 

  • Insurance

Confirm that they have insurance cover, possibly two. One, a workman’s compensation cover, to take of their workers in case they get injured as they work. The second one, a general liability cover, covers your property if it’s damaged during the waterproof installation process.

An insurance cover can help put you at ease as the contractor’s current employer since you won’t be responsible for covering any mishaps that occur as they’re working in your home.

  • Performance Bond

Ensure that your preferred basement waterproofing contractor has a performance bond. A bond can protect you by compensating you in case the contractor underperforms or doesn’t meet the terms and conditions you both had agreed upon during the start of the contract. 

4. Inquire On Their Level Of Experience

Aside from technical credentials, skill and experience are also essential qualifications to consider. They must have substantial experience in the trade. 

With that in mind, ask the contractor the number of years they’ve been in the basement waterproofing business. Doing so will allow you to filter skilled contractors and experts in the field. 

5. Compare Proposals And Quotes

One of the ways to ensure that you’re hiring the best service provider for your basement needs and getting your money’s worth is by getting proposals and quotations from various contractors and comparing them. This way, you can better assess which contractor is offering more. 

As you compare each proposal, look out for the services they’re offering against their quote. The quote should be reasonable, not too high or too low. The guiding principle as you assess each proposal is your budget. The right basement waterproofing contractor for your project is the one who can deliver quality services that is within your budget.

Final Words

Choosing a good and reliable basement waterproofing contractor can be less tedious if you have the right information. To ensure you get the best one for your basement needs, consider implementing the tips given in this article.