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5 Tips to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Space

5 Tips to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Space

A pergola is a beautiful addition to an outdoor space, and it can enhance the hospitality of your home. Pergolas come in a variety of materials and are relatively easy to install. These structures are used as garden additions that can help you get away from the scorching sun. They are great for every season of the year. Pergolas can help expand your living space. You can enjoy company beneath it and entertain guests. You may also consider the following ideas to help guide you on your next purchase. 

5 Tips to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Space

When considering a new pergola, there are a few aspects that you should be aware of. For example, you may prefer a wooden pergola or a steel one based on the look you are seeking. 

The Purpose of the Pergola

Your pergola can be designed for a specific function. For example, you might be a very social person and want multiple people joining you in your backyard. On the other hand, you may only want the pergola for private occasions with your partner or children. Your pergola can be mainly decorative or protective from the sun. How you intend to use your pergola will be highly influential in the materials you incorporate and its design. 

The Material of the Pergola

There are many ways you can build your pergola. It can be made with wood, aluminum, steel, stone, fiberglass, or brick. You can make your pergola out of treated wood so that it is durable for a long time. If you want it to last generations and don’t desire wood, consider another material. For example, you can use metal materials that have simulated wood on its surface. Aluminum is a lightweight option that gives pergolas a more modern look. Go with what fits the look of your home.  

 5 Tips to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Space

The Design of the Pergola

Try to build a pergola that makes sense for the size of your yard and the number of people you intend it for. Make a petite one if you have limited backyard space so that it doesn’t take over your entire yard. For an empty area that you don’t use often, build a large one with plenty of room underneath for fun social activities in your backyard. If you live up north, you may not want heavy crossbars built into it. In the south, you may want more coverage to guard yourself against the sun. You can incorporate water-proof and UV-resistant fabric in the pergola’s ceiling. 

The Seating Arrangement of the Pergola 

Benches and chairs can be added to your pergola. You can add pillows and padding for seating arrangements. You can leave the pergola’s under-space empty and add tables. This is great for areas that you want exclusively for grilling and dining. 

The Plant Arrangement of the Pergola

A lot of pergolas allow for the addition of plant life. Some have built-in troughs where you can add dirt to grow vines around the pillars of the pergola. You can consider flat-open pergolas that allow plant life to flourish. The plants will act as cover instead of fabric. 

Learn More About Pergolas

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