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5 Tips To Keep Epoxy Flooring in Tip-Top Condition

5 Tips To Keep Epoxy Flooring in Tip-Top Condition

Javier Márquez

Do you wonder why epoxy is so popular with homeowners and business owners alike? There are numerous advantages to using epoxy flooring, including the fact that it can be applied to any concrete surface to make it more robust and long-lasting. However, if the floors aren’t cleaned properly, they might wear out quickly. Fortunately, epoxy flooring can be cleaned, maintained, and kept sanitary with minimal effort, and that’s how to keep garage floor epoxy costs lower.

The nicest aspect about cleaning epoxy flooring is that you don’t require any expertise. Even if you’re cleaning an epoxy floor in a warehouse or a commercial kitchen, you’ll still be able to do the task more quickly and easily than if you were using carpet or tile instead.

Maintaining an epoxy floor’s sheen and extending its lifespan need regular cleaning. Clean your epoxy garage floor by following these steps.

Properly Remove Debris and Dirt

If your garage floor is in a location with a lot of foot activity, it can soon acquire dust. Summer, windy weather and a dusty atmosphere all add to this problem. Scratches can be caused when moving about, pushing machinery, or driving on an epoxy floor if dust and particles stay on the surface. You’ll eventually end up with a floor that’s scuffed and dull without the original luster.

Purchase an excellent dust mop to keep your garage floor clear of grime and grit. When purchasing a cleaning instrument, make sure it is of the greatest quality. Once a week, use a dust mop to sweep the floor toward the front door. It’s also possible to clean sooner, depending on how rapidly your floors accumulate dust.

The floors with contraction joints have a good possibility to accumulate debris and dirt over time. Using a vacuum, remove any dirt that may have accumulated over time. If you want a clean epoxy floor, make sure to remove the buildup periodically so that you don’t have to replace the epoxy floor altogether.

A broom can go into all the corners and crevices of a room and get rid of the dirt. Ensure that any dirt and grit is removed from your floor before moving any heavy object or machine across it.

5 Tips To Keep Epoxy Flooring in Tip-Top Condition

Epoxy Floor Cleaners And Disinfectants

A gallon of hot water, a rough mop, and a solution of simple green or emonia can be used to clean. You don’t want to use vinegar-based or citrus-based treatments since they can create streaks on the surface of your skin.

As a result of these two factors, most people avoid soap-based cleansers. To begin with, they leave behind an irritating haze that gradually diminishes the shine of your floors over time. It’s also dangerous for people to walk on wet floors since the soap residue can make the floor slippery if it comes into touch with water.

Using a moderate or gentle soap combined with water to clean stubborn stains is preferable. Do not forget to rinse your floor with clean water after you’ve finished cleaning it.

Spot-Clean the Surface When the Situation Demands It

In a garage, things might go awry at any time and necessitate immediate cleaning, even if you plan to sweep and mop on a regular basis. A spill on the floor should not be put off until the next time it is cleaned.

Spot clean the floor in order to catch any possible problems before they get out of hand. Remove the dirt using a vacuum cleaner, then mop with warm water and dry it. In the event of a liquid spill, epoxy garage flooring are simple to clean. So, have a cloth on hand to clean up any liquid spills that may occur.

5 Tips To Keep Epoxy Flooring in Tip-Top Condition

Scrub Away Stains

If you discover stubborn stains and markings, you’ll have to clean them away. Avoid the surrounding area as much as possible when using a kitchen cleansing sponge and warm water to get rid of the stain.

You may be tempted to use steel wool to remove tough stains, but don’t. Epoxy flooring can’t handle steel wool. Avoid using a strong chemical like a comet for the same reason. Vinegar and citrus cleansers can break down the epoxy floor’s chemical composition, which can lead to wear and tear, so avoid using them.

Epoxy stains may be gently scrubbed and washed with a kitchen sponge and water. Try a second wash if the first one doesn’t work.

Take Preventive Measures

Preventing negative things from happening is something we’ve learned from life. Your epoxy flooring might benefit from the same treatment. Use plywood or mats to protect the floor while transporting large objects. Use a welding pad if you plan on welding in your garage. Small pieces of wood should be placed under jacks when they are being used to raise vehicles or other heavy objects.

Waxing your floor on a regular basis will help keep it looking its best, even if it has lost its sheen over time. Additionally, waxed floors are far more convenient to maintain.

The Bottom Line!

Installing epoxy flooring can cost a lot, and you can avoid periodic repairs by taking care of the flooring. It is better to keep the flooring in the best condition and clean it regularly to retain its gloss and avoid massive wear and tear.