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5 Top Secrets To Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Without Touching It Easily

4 Highlighted Steps to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Without Their Phone

Is it possible to hack someone’s cell phone without touching it? Can you do it easily, or is it too difficult for a person who is not tech-savvy?

There are lots of questions about how to spy on someone’s cell phone which is answered here. Since you are here, you likely have a lot of questions too.

You may need to hack someone’s cell phone for parental control or you want to read wifes messages. Or, you may need it as an employer to see if your employees are trustable with confidential company details.

Whatever your reasons might be, there are secrets one might hide from you that you are supposed to know. Hacking their phone can be an effective way to find out.

So, how do you do it, especially when you do not have access to their phone? Read on to find out.

Can I Hack Someone’s Phone Without Having To Touch It?

You can use monitoring applications like the Ultimate Phone Spy to hack a person’s phone remotely. These apps can be helpful, even if you are not all that interested in technology.

These applications can enable spying while protecting your identity. You can use the following simple steps to hack the targeted person’s phone remotely:

Step 1: Open the application on your browser.

Step 2: Register and login to the dashboard.

Step 3: Purchase the package that can provide you with the features you are looking for.

Step 4: Follow the instructions your app suppliers provide.

The 5 Top Secrets To Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Remotely

Some of the cell phone spy applications require you to have physical access to the targeted person’s phone. You would have to install spyware on their phone.

However, it is possible they are always on their phone that you cannot take it sneakily. They could be living far away, or you may not know the password to their lock screen.

The following ways are easy and can provide you with access to text messages and other shared media.

Hacking By Using Phone Number

You can hack someone’s phone by just using their phone number. It is the easiest and most reliable method. All you need is a reputed hacking application like the Ultimate Phone Spy.

However, the process of hacking an iPhone varies from Android devices. You will have to select the targeted person’s device particularly. The spyware will provide you with a guide on that. This can help you hack like a pro or a recommended alter hacking service you can use. 

Phishing Technique

The phishing technique is a type of practice where people send fraudulent texts or media. This would often seem like it is from a reputable source. Using this method, you can steal sensitive data like login credentials and credit cards.fdf

This is among the easiest techniques. You just have to send a link to the targeted person’s phone. The software will be automatically installed on the phone moments after the link is opened.

The downloaded spyware on the phone will collect and provide you with the data. You can use the data to monitor their activity.

 4 Highlighted Steps to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Without Their Phone

SIM Card Hacking of Cell Phone

If you do not have access to the phone, this is another way to hack someone’s phone. You will need access to the targeted person’s SIM card details. It includes their phone number, IMEI number, and location details.

Using this method, you can access all the messages and calls, both outgoing and incoming. SIM card hacking is an excellent alternative that is one of the most discreet ways. You can use such techniques to hack any cell phone.

Midnight Raid Phone Hacking Services

The midnight raid method is a reliable way to hack someone’s phone remotely without getting caught. You need a regular hacker kit which includes installing spyware, two phones, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The first phone is used as a GSM modem for the computer, and the second is used to receive information. You start this process with a text message to the targeted person’s phone. It should state, “You are being hacked”.

This message will invoke the Internet Explorer in the target device. It should be followed by running the spyware application on the second phone. This will allow access to the information on the targeted phone’s device.

You can retrieve information such as the IMSI number using this method. With the IMSI number, you can access all the data you desire to see.

Also, this method is named as Midnight raid method because it is usually practiced at night when the targeted person is asleep and not using their phone.

Hacking Phone By Sending Text Messages

This is a very simple method that can be effective only if the targeted person uses a Google account. Moreover, everyone uses a Google account these days, and they use it to sign up for various apps.

You will have to try to log into the person’s Google account and click on the forgot password. You should follow this step by sending the person a text message impersonating Google Security. From this point onwards, it is similar to phishing.

The message should contain a link with a message stating that there is a security alert. When the person clicks on the link and enters the login code, you will receive it. With the Google password you now have, you can log in to all the apps they have logged in to use.

Bonus Point- Stingray Technology

Stingray is a modern technology that can impersonate a transmitting tower. It can create a connection with all the phones located nearby. This will give a unique identification code of the SIM card and even find the phone.

3G, 4G, and GSM network phones can be exploited using this method. With the help of the IMSI number, you can easily hack into the targeted person’s phone.

The obtained IMSI number can be fed into apps like the Ultimate Phone Spy. Using the spyware app’s dashboard, you can read into all of the information on the targeted person’s phone.

This method is mostly used by government agencies. However, it is too complicated and requires you to be more tech-savvy. Also, depending on your local laws, practicing this method can mean breaking the law.

Summing Up

With the help of advanced technology, what was once thought to be impossible is now possible. Several phone spy applications and software can help you hack someone’s cell phone without touching it easily.

One such app is Ultimate Phone Spy. It can make this job a cakewalk for you.