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5 Trends That Are Transforming The World Of  Commercial Design 

5 Trends That Are Transforming The World Of  Commercial Design 

In 2019, we saw plenty of design trends changing the way we do business. As a major part of the populace spends up to a third of their day in the office, companies are looking to develop spaces that can reflect on better health and productivity. In fact, an experiment with over 700 employees confirmed that designing a happy workspace can increase productivity by as much as 12%, according to the Social Market Foundation. As a result, it is crucial to keep up with the latest building designs to help your business grow: the building is often the first impression both clients and employees have of your business. Check out these five trends that are transforming the world of commercial design.

Going Green

Sustainability and the need for eco-conscious buildings are more important than ever. The effects of climate change over recent years have made it vital that sustainable materials are used throughout the building process. Green building designs utilize environmentally friendly materials that include recycled products and smart waste management. In fact, the growing trend in metal roofs is eco-friendly, and they are great insulators that help reduce the costs of heating and cooling.

However, eco-friendly construction isn’t just about the types of materials used, but also about maximizing the space around you. When designing a building, the position will become more of a leading thought in design. Ensuring the position of the building is designed to utilize the surrounding environment can significantly reduce energy use.

 5 Trends That Are Transforming The World Of  Commercial Design 

Multifunctional Workspaces 

Adaptability has been a top-quality that is highly encouraged by companies. In the past, employees gathered in break rooms to discuss and share ideas. Now, this aspect is being put into practice to build better workplaces. Commercial building designs are meant to create inviting and open areas that allow teams to collaborate. In these areas, designs should include sound-inhibiting building materials and natural lighting to provide employees with an informal space to meet and relax.

Smart Glass

As windows provide natural lighting, this also means that bright sunlight can distract and interfere with the workplace, especially employees working on computers. To solve this issue, smart glass installation can reduce glare and bright lights in undesired areas, and diminish heat. Not to mention, smart glass has the ability to control the amount of tint and helps reduce the cost of energy use.

 5 Trends That Are Transforming The World Of  Commercial Design 

The Internet Of Things

2020 is the year that technology integration into commercial buildings will become the norm. Developments in building with IoT means being able to control devices from your phone and automate daily tasks. From controlling the computer systems to opening the blinds automatically, these developments are aimed at making everyday life at the workplace all the easier.

Biophilic Design

Another trend that is related to sustainability is biophilic design. This design works on bringing inspiration from the outdoors into the workplace, creating a healthier and happier company environment. As plants have a positive psychological effect, they also bring in more oxygen into the confined building and office setting.

As commercial design and construction grows more in advanced every day, we can see how the building process will better reflect the needs of employees and clients.