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5 Ways to Build Your Brand on YouTube

5 Ways to Build Your Brand on YouTube

 YouTube is one of the most visited social media websites on the internet right now. Statistics show that people watch over a billion hour of YouTube videos everyday and around a million hours of YouTube videos are uploaded everyday. 

If these stats and figures aren’t enough to grab your attention on how useful YouTube is for your brand then how about the fact that the majority of people across the globe discover hundreds of new brands everyday on YouTube? Most big and small brands have started creating videos on YouTube with the aim of getting more subscribers. More subscribers mean more customers which directly translates to higher revenue. So if you’re a newcomer who’s planning to build your brand on YouTube then here are some tips that might help you gain more YouTube subscribers and you will not feel the need to buy YouTube views.

Figure out your audience’s interest

A YouTube brand is all about gaining an audience and creating content that they find entertaining and to do so, your first priority should be figuring out what your audience likes, dislikes, wants, and needs from your brand and learning more strategies about social media monetizationYouTube Affiliate Marketing will bring in a lot of money if you have a lot of regular viewers. Now there are a number of ways to do so, some of them are: listed below:

  • Make use of YouTube analytics to find out what type of your videos get the most likes, comments, shares and subscribers and create content similar to that.
  • You can also mention a google form link or a Google Forms alternative link in your video to know more about them and get their feedback.
  • Go live on YouTube and have a friendly Q&A with your subscribers to get their response.

You can also use your other social media accounts to interact with your audience and have their views on your content.

After gathering up all the info you can now mold your brand according to your target audience to gain more YouTube subscribers.

Create a community

Before building a brand, the first thing you need is a community that engages with each other as well as with the brand creator i.e you! Creating a community will help you understand your audience, provide a channel to interact with them properly and get recognition for your brand on YouTube. 

A simple way to build a community is by encouraging fans to tell your brand’s story because at the end of the day nothing works better than word of mouth. To build a vast community you can make use of various forums, other social media accounts as well as YouTube itself to gain more subscribers and get a global reach without even paying a single penny. 

Optimize your YouTube channel

If you plan on building your brand and improving your search rank without having to buy YouTube views then all you need to do is optimize your YouTube channel. It will not only help build your brand but also increase views, subscribers and comments as well. You can optimize your YouTube channel by:

  • Adding detailed timestamps to your video description.
  • Using relevant keywords properly in video title and description. (For example: “injury lawyer in Seattle” for a personal injury firm in the Pacific Northwest.)
  • Making use of tags and categories to describe what type of video it is.
  • Put links to your website, social media, sponsors, discussion forums etc in your video description.

Keep a watch over your channel’s analytics to check what kind of difference the above mentioned steps are making. 

5 Ways to Build Your Brand on YouTube

Offer branded merchs 

You need to promote your YouTube channel as a brand and the perfect way to do so is by offering your brand’s merchandise to your followers. You can start from basics like basic clothing apparels with your logo on it through a third party vendor then move on to your own shopping website that sells your stuff exclusively. Merchandising will not help you gain a little profit but also market your YouTube channel as a brand to other people who haven’t experienced your content till now. 

The people using your merchandise are like walking-talking advertisement boards who will help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Merchandising your brand is a good idea but only if you have a decent subscriber count on YouTube, if you are new to YouTube then you need to build up an audience before investing in getting branded merchandise. 

Create brand specific hashtags

The fastest and the easiest way to introduce your content to a much larger audience is by using hashtags. If you are looking for more views, comments, likes and subscribers then using trending hashtags that are relevant to your content are your best bet but if you want to build a brand then you should use unique brand specific hashtags that will help you create brand recognition. 

You can throw in some trending hashtags with your brand specific ones to increase your content’s reach while building your brand as well. There are a number of tools like Hashtagify that will help you find the best hashtag for your brand. But remember to not go overboard and add too many hashtags as it might worsen your Google search rank, resulting in lower reach.

Now that you have read the above points, you must be ready to face all the challenges that a person might face while building his/her brand on YouTube. Do let us know which tip worked the best for you or if you have other great ideas to build your brand efficiently!