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5 Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Crystal Clear And Clean

Cleaner of the swimming pool

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Nothing feels satisfying like taking a nice dip in a swimming pool on a summer morning. The refreshment is unimaginable. Also, a good swim on a hot afternoon feel is awesome. But to achieve these goals, your pool must always be clean and crystal clear. 

You cannot enjoy a nice swim in a pool full of discolored water, algae, and debris. It would feel as if you are swimming in a sewer. However, keeping your swimming pool clean can be a challenge at times. Maybe you have been trying to have a crystal clear pool without success, it certainly isn’t easy, and if you are one of the owners who ask themself what is pool shock you might want to consult some professional help. That said, here are some ways you can use to achieve it:

Keep your water chemicals balanced and test it weekly

Do you test your water chemical regularly? Certainly, every pool owner has a water testing schedule. You assess the water’s pH and chemical components once or twice a month. Though it is a good idea, doing show is not enough. You need to keep your chemical levels balanced throughout for some good reasons. 

First, well-sanitized pools are healthy. They will not have room for bacteria and fungi. Also, it lowers your overall swimming pool costs. The crème de crème of it is that it helps you have clean and clear swimming pool. As such, consider testing and balancing your water chemicals weekly.  

Brush or vacuum the pool regularly

Sometimes, algae and mold will form on the walls and at the base of your pool. The swimming pool might also be in a place with tree. So, leaves and twigs will fall into the water especially if you do not cover it. 

Though you may not pay attention or care about this debris, they might have a hurtful impact on your water color. Regardless of the amount and size of the debris, it tampers with water sanitization and lowers the chemical levels. This makes your pool water to become cloudy.

Best way to avoid such experience is brushing and vacuuming your pool regularly. By performing this simple maintenance task, you will achieve the desired crystal clear swimming pool. Also, it will save your money on chemicals and time for cleaning the pool. So, consider vacuuming and brushing the pool at least once per week. 

 Man in a blue shirt with cleaning equipment for swimming pools

Use the right material to build the pool’s base

The basement material also impacts the color of your swimming pool. If you have unfinished bases, you will have challenges keeping your pool clean and clear. A good finishing will make your pool smart and easy to maintain. The finishing material depends on the type of pool you have built. 

A concrete swimming pool will go well with cement with waterproof additives. To have a nice and debris-less floors, a fiberglass pool can be tiled. The floor of your pool should not let in soil. So, ensure you use the right material on your swimming floor to keep it crystal clear.  

Consider having a pool cover

Do you have trees and floors near the pool? Whether you like or not, the flowers and leaves will find their way to the swimming pool. They do not get here for a nice swim. Rather, they form part of the unwanted debris that compromise the sanitization and water-chemical balance. 

No doubt, clearing this debris daily can be a tiresome job. You may not have the time for it particularly if you have a tight schedule. Since you are not using your pool daily, you can consider covering it. By doing this, you can save on cleaning costs and ensure the pool is always clean.     

Ensure you have working filters 

Your swimming pool filters are another essential component to pay attention to if you want a crystal clear pool. The filters should be working properly and ensure no debris is getting to the pool. This way, the water will stay clean and healthy.

Now, you know how to keep the pools crystal clear. Practice this measures and you will always enjoy a swimming session.