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5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Visitors

5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Visitors

When you’re expecting visitors, consider it the perfect opportunity for the cleaning and grooming that isn’t part of your everyday routine. Take the time to look for little things to repair or replace before visitors put additional strains on your systems. Adding personal touches makes for grateful guests and happy hosts.

Time to Clean

Basic housecleaning is one of the first steps to ready your home and the perfect opportunity to reach areas often neglected. Remember to dust ceiling fans and vacuum HVAC returns and vents. Clean out the refrigerator, organize the freezer, and dust the pantry. Make room for your guest’s food purchases or surprise them by stocking their favorites.

If you’re short on time, hire a cleaning service to spruce up the place for you.

 5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Visitors

Make the Guest Bedroom Inviting

Since your guests will spend a significant time in their allotted space, make it inviting and welcoming. Put clean sheets and blankets on the beds and keep extras where they can be easily found. Toss pillows in the dryer for a few minutes to freshen and fluff them before you put on new pillowcases.

Empty trash receptacles and dust furniture. Replace light bulbs and keep a nightlight handy. Make room in dressers and closets when your guests unpack and have a plan to store their bags. Put fresh flowers in the room so it feels cheery and bright while smelling sweet.

Prepare the Guest Bathroom

Ready the other room your guests will use frequently for the length of their stay. Clean sinks, counters, tubs, shower, and toilet so the room is fresh. Change the curtain liner and wash rugs and floors. Fill dispensers and stock the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper and fresh towels. If your guests are staying long enough to do laundry, supply a basket and small box of detergent.

 5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Visitors

Home Systems Check

Check that your systems are working properly and won’t be taxed by burdens of additional usage. Flush toilets and watch for leaks. Look under sinks for leaks and test that drains are working properly. Oil door hinges and repair or replace door and window locks that aren’t operating properly.

Check heating and cooling systems and replace air filters if needed. Check for strange sound or smells around your water heater; these could be signs it may need replacing. Worn water heaters will struggle to keep up with demand, be sure yours is ready to handle the load.

See the Sights

Leave books and magazines scattered around for your guests to enjoy during their stay. Gather brochures and local magazines that feature parks, historic sites, or other local attractions. If your guests enjoy dining out, collect coupons from local restaurants. Make the gesture even more personal by selectively matching your guest’s interests with attractions and coupons.

Make the next visit with out-of-towners a memorable time for them and stress-free for you. Spend more time enjoying the company of your guests and ensure both your experiences are comfortable, safe, and familiar.