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5 Wooden Greenhouses You Will Love for Your Garden in 2021

You can find several different kinds of greenhouse designs on the market. Some of them are DIY designs made with PVC pipes, while others are compact metal frames that lean to your wall. You will also find greenhouses that have a twin-wall design made with polycarbonate panels.

But nothing can beat a classic greenhouse made with a wooden frame when it comes to backyard gardens. Wooden greenhouses look beautiful, and they are really functional. They also provide the ideal environment to grow the plants of your choice. They also protect them from harsh outdoor conditions.

Wooden greenhouses come in several types of quality, price, size, structure, and functionality. We will talk about five wooden greenhouses that you will love in your backyard in 2021 in this article. If you want to look at some more wooden greenhouse designs, you can visit www.swgreenhouses.co.uk.

Glass to Ground Wooden Greenhouse

Glass-to-ground greenhouses look spectacular and are ideal for your plants that need a lot of direct sunlight. Glass-to-ground greenhouses usually have a softwood timber frame that has been covered all around with glass. It has a pleasant aesthetic look due to the sunlight shining on and through the greenhouse glass. 

One of the best advantages of a glass-to-ground greenhouse is that direct sunlight can reach every part of the entire structure, which means even the smallest plants on the ground can get ample amounts of sunshine.

They usually have large doors that are designed to provide access to wheel barrels. The wooden frame is pressure treated for strength and durability. The glass used in the greenhouse is also safely treated so that it does not break easily. 

Victorian Classic Greenhouse

Victorian classic greenhouses are ideal for small or medium-sized gardens. These greenhouses offer ample amounts of height and space for your gardening comfort and convenience. You can use these greenhouses to germinate seeds, grow flowers, or string up heavy cropping plants.

Victorian greenhouses have a classic style with decorative crested ridge or finials on the roof. They offer ample height and have a steep roof that does not let rainwater accumulate. They also have sturdy hinged doors, and the glass wall around is tempered for safety.

You can also put some brass furniture inside the greenhouse to make it look authentic and Victorian. Victorian greenhouses exhibit beauty, style, and grace with their classic yet contemporary looks.

 5 Wooden Greenhouses You Will Love for Your Garden in 2021

Combi Wooden Greenhouse

The combi wooden greenhouse is an upgrade to the potting shed. It is a combination of two similar-sized lean-to wooden greenhouses with a pent roof. One part serves as the tool shed, while the other is a greenhouse.

Both sections have their own doors with locks, which is something not usually found in greenhouses. The greenhouse has an aesthetic appearance and is extremely versatile and functional. The pent-shaped roof does not let rainwater accumulate on the top.

The two-in-one greenhouse is ideal for versatile gardeners who want to make the best use of their gardening time. Some of the best advantages of these greenhouses are:

  • Two in one functionality of greenhouse and toolshed
  • Pleasant aesthetics
  • Individual doors to both parts with locks

Lean-To Greenhouse

Wooden lean-to greenhouses are constructed against a wall that can store heat during the day and release it slowly at night. It makes them ideal for keeping your plants warm during the cold winter months. You can also construct a lean-to greenhouse against a wall to keep that room warmer in winter.

The brick wall on one side of the greenhouse offers more stability and is ideal for growing vine plants that can climb up the brickwork. A lean-to greenhouse is ideal if you do not have enough space in your backyard.

However, make sure that you build a lean-to greenhouse somewhere that does not create an obstacle around your house. Also, check for building code issues before you install a lean-to greenhouse.

Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

There was a time when Victorian greenhouses were built on top of a small brick base. The wall offered stability and was a means to reduce cost because the glass was more expensive during that time. Even though glasses become cheaper than bricks over time, there are several advantages to build a dwarf wall greenhouse. 

The brick wall structure acts as a heat sink during the day and keeps the greenhouse warm at night, just like lean-to-greenhouses. The wall also adds to the aesthetics of the greenhouse by blending with other landscaping around it in your garden. Plus, you can use the space behind the wall to hide any clutter in your greenhouse.

There are several factors you should consider before choosing the right greenhouse for your garden. If you are not sure, you can always consult an expert to find the right greenhouse suitable for your house.