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6 Crucial Tips to Save Your Battery Health

6 Crucial Tips to Save Your Battery Health

In this modern world, it’s hard to imagine living without a tech device of some kind. Gadgets are everywhere, with mobile phones representing the core channel of our communication with the world. They are so embedded into our daily routines that we are almost unable to function without them. Hence, a dead battery spells trouble.

Keeping your mobile phone battery healthy entails a plethora of things to do. If you want to learn the fastest and best ways to maintain the health of your smartphone battery, read through the following five crucial tips.

1. Don’t Charge the Battery to 100%

battery lifespan is not equal to battery life because battery life refers to the period between two charges. For the sake of this article, we’ll refer to lifespan as a synonym for battery health. The first tip on this list concerns both lifespan and life of the battery, as it is related to charging.

One of the first things we learn about mobile phones is that they should be fully charged. But did you know that this actually hurts your battery?

A full charge – or complete drainage of the battery – stresses the battery. Too little or too much hurt the battery and reduce its health level. That’s why it’s best to keep it above 20% and below 90%.

Charging the phone during the night is not recommended as it will reach 100% by the time you wake up. Shorter charges which charge the battery by 20% or more per cent are okay and won’t hurt it.

2. Use Dark Mode If Available

The newest mobile OS includes Dark Mode options. Dark mode dims the lights and uses a darker hue as the background for your phone. This is great for your phone as it allows the device to turn off specific pixels (that’s why they’re black) to save energy. According to Business Insider, the dark mode can save your battery if you have an OLED screen only. OLED screens generate light for each particular pixel, which means black pixels do not require any energy.

You can check to see if your phone allows you a Dark Mode (or Dark Theme) and use it. This will affect all apps on your device, transforming them all into dark-mode apps. If you don’t have it, most new apps will include settings so you can change them manually in each individual app.

 6 Crucial Tips to Save Your Battery Health

3. Play Games with Darker Themes/Hues

Let’s face it – mobile gaming is one of the main ways to spend time on mobile phones. It is either playing games or scrolling through social media – but both are battery-draining. If you are a gamer with an affinity for mobile phones, try to play games that feature darker hues.

This suggestion might seem like a trivial suggestion, but you would not believe how much of an impact this has on your battery. While dark mode options in apps help protect battery lifespan, games are slow to catch on. Game companies typically don’t implement dark mode, so you are left with a battery-draining game that exhausts your device in less than an hour. While you cannot choose modes in games, you can select the games. Pick games that feature darker colors to relieve the stress your battery is facing.

4. Pick Smaller-Sized Games or Play Online

The choice of the game category may also affect your battery. For instance, playing large-size games that take forever to download and launch is probably not suitable for the battery. Sure, crisp graphics are eye-candy, but the bigger the game, the more RAM it uses. And such a burden swiftly kills the battery. That’s why mobile gamers are advised to play games that are smaller in size – or don’t download them at all.

App Stores for Android and iOS phones are rife with small games you can play anytime you want. Gamers who still prefer high-quality games in HD but don’t want to burden their phones (and batteries) should play mobile browser games. A great example is mobile casino gaming. Most modern gambling games are available via mobile browsers, where players do not need to download any content. The most popular choice is slot games which can be played at mobile phone casinos. On that note, websites such as BestCasinos.com offer a great variety of top casino sites reviewed so make sure to go through the list and pick one that best suits your needs.

 6 Crucial Tips to Save Your Battery Health

5. Always Turn Mobile Data Off

If you think games and light themes drain the battery, wait until you see what mobile data does to the device. Using mobile broadband can burden the device so much that you can watch as your battery percentage trickles down in minutes. That’s why one of the main things to remember about battery health is mobile data avoidance. Try not to use it so much, and always turn it off when you are done.

If you can, avoid using mobile data altogether, as it drains the battery faster than Wi-Fi. A combination of the two – forgetting to turn off mobile data and joining a Wi-Fi network – is lethal for your battery.

6. Never Use the Phone While It’s Charging

The final thing that is great for maintaining battery lifespan is leaving the phone to charge in peace. If you can, refrain from using it while it is charging. Many claimed that using it during charging is not safe, but that myth was debunked. It is perfectly safe for you to use it, but your battery might suffer more strain than ordinary.

The reason is that the battery will reduce performance, i.e., it will charge at a slower rate than usual to give you more power to use right away. However, in the long run, this might affect the lifespan of the battery. Hence, it is best to plug in the phone for charging and then leave it until it charges enough without using it.