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6 Eco-friendly Landscaping Upgrades for Commercial Properties

Commercial spaces need not be all monotonous and business-like. Entering a commercial or office space should bring joy, making you feel motivated to efficiently get your work done. And what can be more motivating than a dash of greenery? 

Landscaping the area around commercial premises will add to its aesthetic appeal. And eco-friendly methods of landscaping will also make the space environment friendly. It promotes sustainability to anyone who walks into that space and makes them more conscious about their role in saving the environment. 

Here are some eco-friendly, commercial landscaping upgrade ideas for your commercial space that you should think about implementing. 

1. No Wastage Irrigation System

Commercial spaces can be huge, so you should maintain the greenery around without wasting any water. New age, smart landscape irrigation systems are designed to reduce water wastage. The new systems are cost-effective, and the irrigation system distributes water as efficiently as possible. It comes equipped with rain sensors that send updates to the water programs’ systems when there is a weather change. 

The data is sent off-site for analysis, and the irrigation system will only use that much water as is required in that particular weather condition. If it rains, the sensors will automatically switch off the systems, and no water will come out of the reservoir. The controllers will make sure that the water reaches below the roots of the plants. By eliminating water wastage, it will also bring down your water bills to a large extent. 

2. Installing Rain Barrels

This is a great way to collect the roof run-off of the excess rainwater and use it for future irrigation purposes in commercial landscaping. The valves release the excess water when you turn your sprinklers on, and that way, you do not have to use your stored water. The smart control system will also tell you when the plants need water, and you won’t have any need to manually monitor the watering system. 

3. Using Bio-Nutritional Fertilizer

Fertilizers are a must to keep your plants healthy and your landscape lush, but the less synthetic fertilizers you use, the better. Instead of using synthetic fertilizers, upgrade to bio-nutritional ones, which will help improve the soil’s PH balance and improve your lawn’s drought tolerance. Consult a specialist who will test your soil and tell you how much fertilizer you should use and what times of the year for the best results. 

 6 Eco-friendly Landscaping Upgrades for Commercial Properties

4. Recycling 

When you think of going green, you should always think of recycling. Since commercial properties can be huge, the amount of green waste generated through grass and shrub cuttings, fallen leaves, and twigs can also be considerable. You can easily recycle these and use them back for your landscape. You can dig out a compost pit at a corner of the premises or send the clippings to recycling plants where they are used to make sustainable items. 

5. Energy Efficient Lighting 

Commercial properties can remain open late into the night, which means you would need to switch on the outdoor lights as soon as it starts getting dark in the evening. Landscapes can look even better by night, with attractive lighting strategically lighting up plants and other installations. However, you can ensure your electricity bills go down by using energy-efficient lighting, and you leave behind less carbon footprint. You can use LED Rope Lights that consume minimal electricity. You can also install a solar panel on the roof that will generate electricity during the day and help you light up space by night. 

6. Stormwater Management 

Stormwater management is essential if you want to keep your commercial property free from stagnant pools of water, which might become a breeding ground for pests and insects and could seep unwelcome moisture around the premises. It ensures that there are no hidden pools of water accumulated around the premises and that the sewage system is immaculate, with all the sludge effectively washed away. You don’t want mud and slime everywhere with professionals walking into a commercial property.

Eco-friendly, commercial landscaping upgrades to your landscape will result in a lot of benefits for your commercial property in the long run. Not only will it bring down costs for you, but it will also help you gain certain benefits.

The government offers special perks to those who are thinking about the community and the positive impact on the community by going green. It will be a step in the right direction for the future of the planet. 

So enlist the support of top commercial landscaping service providers near you who can guide you to make sustainable upgrades and create a win-win scenario for all.

Image courtesy of ©Christopher Payne/Esto