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6 Marketing Trends That AEC Firms Shouldn’t Ignore In 2022

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By incorporating trends into a marketing strategy, you can avoid the costly mistakes of trial and error. Furthermore, a company that does so becomes a leader in the advertising field. As a result, this company reaps the greatest benefits from the novelty value. As a result, you’ll need some of these architecture marketing techniques. People who get interested in your company as a result of the information you give will be exposed to you through your marketing. Marketing allows you to create your brand and enlighten potential clients in a less direct way than sales.

There are a plethora of AEC marketing concepts available. The idea is to bring them all together into a cohesive marketing plan. This is especially true for new businesses. You might not be able to make a dent in your competitors’ market share if you don’t have a sound marketing strategy. Of course, established businesses must continue to advertise themselves to maintain their success.

The following are six marketing ideas for architecture businesses.

1. Utilizing video marketing effectively

Video is one of the most popular types of content consumed by consumers. This is evident in the popularity of video-sharing platforms such as youtube and TikTok. Research has shown that companies that utilize video marketing methods convert leads more effectively than those that don’t. Video resources for AEC studios can include slideshows of ongoing and completed projects, walkthroughs, or videos explaining different architectural concepts. 

Slideshows can be made by compiling videos, pictures, and renders of projects handled by your AEC firm. Managing your digital assets, i.e. pictures, videos, and designs can be a cumbersome task as you tend to have content captured by different members of staff. Utilizing a digital asset management (DAM) software for architecture can however help your company simplify the process so that you always have digital assets to use on your social media platforms and websites. A DAM software like Daminion helps you keep all your digital assets in one location so that you can easily retrieve them for use. It also supports integration with a lot of external apps which means you can easily export your digital assets to your video editing software to create great video content. Smart tagging also helps you find relevant digital assets quickly allowing you to whip up your video marketing content in very little time. 

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2. Repurpose your content

You need good content to be able to create a connection with your audience. Oftentimes, even with the use of DAM software, it can be a challenge to come up with great content for your firm’s advertisement. This is where repurposing content comes into play. Repurposing content allows you to make use of a single piece of content in several ways to reach different categories of people. 

One kind of content which has become increasingly widespread among companies for marketing in today’s world is blog posts. Not everyone however has the patience to read through a thousand-word article. By repurposing your content, you can however reach these people. Your blog post for example could be converted into a video which makes it easier to consume for some people. This video can then be further converted into slides for Instagram content. Using this example, we can create three different kinds of content from one single idea. 

3. Speak to your target audience

Hosting or speaking at events where you can relate with your audience is a great way to showcase your architecture firm. While having a website and blog are a great way to reach people, speaking to them cements your image in their minds. You may use leaflets and flyers to get your brand’s message to a larger audience through word-of-mouth marketing campaigns that deliver the desired results. Moreover, you’ll establish a relationship with them that’ll help you generate more leads. Speaking at events is also a great way of showing the public that you know your stuff. Organizing seminars, webinars, and talk shows is another great way of gathering customers that actually care about what you do and will probably patronize you in the future. Running a google ad will put your company in the face of a lot of people, a large percentage of which will not be interested in the services you offer. People who attend a seminar or webinar on architecture or construction however are most likely interested in architecture and are more likely to need your services.

4. Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing involves creating an experience for your customers that creates an emotional attachment to your brand. Experiential marketing is one trend that your AEC studio should definitely hop on in 2022. Experiential marketing helps you convert clients to loyalists. With word of mouth being one of the most trusted means of discovering companies to work with, experiential marketing converts your customers to ambassadors who are ready to spread the gospel of your brand wherever they go. 

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5. Sharing testimonials

Sharing reviews of previous clients is a way to acquire the trust of potential clients. Studies have revealed that up to 90% of people who purchase a product or service check out reviews of the service before they make their purchase decision. Sharing positive reviews helps to convert visitors to your website to clients. The reviews you put up on your website should be carefully selected and should contain relevant information about your services. You should try to avoid using reviews such as “I like the company”, but should go for detailed reviews. 

6. Invest in Martech (Marketing Technology)

Technology has become a useful tool in all fields of business, marketing included. You must make use of technological tools to assist your marketing and also monitor the effectiveness of your marketing. With analytical tools, companies are now able to track the performance of ads and campaigns that they run. Several tools can be utilized to ease the management of your company’s social media platforms. Other tools help you to create professional-looking content for you to impress your clients. In today’s world, you must utilize software tools well to determine what methods of marketing work and which ones don’t. 


Putting all of the above-mentioned marketing trends into practice is bound to help your architecture firm grow in leaps and bounds. You have to remember though that all businesses are peculiar and that you will have to streamline each of the highlighted trends to suit the peculiarities of your business.