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6 Tips for Effectively Securing Your New Home

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a new home. As such, security often gets overlooked or put on the backburner. However, one of the first things you should consider when you’ve chosen a place to live is the quality of the current security features and what improvements you can make to minimize your risk.

Here are six tips for effectively securing your new home to keep your family and belongings safe.

Call the Locksmith

The first thing to do when moving to a new home is to call the locksmith. You have no idea who has copies of keys to your house, giving them easy access whenever they want. While many new homeowners think that having the locks replaced is a significant expense, there are various options for securing your home through this process. 

According to FC Locksmith, the best locksmith Edmonton has to offer, you can get a full lock change or a rekey. You can also upgrade older locks for more modern, secure options. This simple change is well worth the investment to keep your home safe.

Hide the Boxes

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is to remove the temptation to break in. Whether you’re purchasing furniture to fill your new residence or cleaning up after the holidays, keep your boxes stored away until garbage day.

Putting boxes by the end of the driveway showcases what new and costly items you’ve added to your home. By breaking down the boxes and waiting until the last possible minute to put them out, you reduce the chances of catching a burglar’s eye. 

Double Check the Windows

When you purchase a new home, check the locks on all of the windows. Flag any broken locks for immediate repair, especially if they’re on the ground floor. If you have ground floor windows or a sliding glass door, invest in telescopic bar-style locks to keep them from sliding open from the outside.

If your new home is due for a window upgrade, consider investing in shatter-proof glass for an extra layer of security. If new windows aren’t in your upgrade budget, invest in security film for an affordable protective layer.

 6 Tips for Effectively Securing Your New Home

Install Automatic Lighting

Installing automatic lighting is a fantastic way to protect your property and deter invaders. Add motion-sensor floodlights around your yard to illuminate dark corners and make your property less appealing to nighttime lurkers. Consider adding these by all entry points.

You can also use smart lighting inside to help deter invaders while your house is empty. Whether you’re leaving the house for the night during the move or going on vacation, having lights that turn on and off in different rooms will make your home look occupied.

Meet Your Neighbors

Meet your neighbors as soon as you move into your new home. Doing so will help you build a sense of familiarity with who’s coming and going in your neighborhood. Ask if there’s a community Facebook group or Nextdoor app to keep everyone connected.

Talking to your neighbors makes it more likely that they’ll be on the lookout for suspicious behavior around your property. In return, you can keep an eye on their house as well. A connected neighborhood is a safe neighborhood.

Consider a Security System

Finally, it’s worth considering a security system when moving into a new home. There are various options, from those that call the police for you to those that simply scare intruders away. You can even get simple security systems with motion-sensor cameras. 

As many criminals look for the easiest target when selecting a home to burglarize, having an obvious security system is often the first line of defense. 

Use these simple tips to make your new home a safe, happy place to live.