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6 Ways to Design Your Home Using Jute Rugs

6 Ways to Design Your Home Using Jute Rugs

How about creating your entire home decor theme using designer jute rugs? Jute rugs are an excellent choice when you want to add either a coastal, modern or traditional feeling to your home. Not forgetting they are budget-friendly, easy to clean and quick to install. Here are tips on how to incorporate jute rugs into your home.

1. Layer the Rugs

Different jute rugs create a layer of pop, texture, colour and warmth into your home. So, why use only one jute rug? You can enjoy all these benefits by layering the rugs. Layering the rugs also make your home space look bigger. 

Moreover, you also get an opportunity to create a versatile look for your home. You can decide to layer the living room to give it a mixture of a traditional vibe, modern vibe or even both. Layering jute rugs works exceptionally well for living rooms. 

2. Choose a Patterned Style

The natural hue of jute rugs is earthy brown. However, more rugs are being made using colourful patterned styles. A colourful patterned jute rug is an ideal choice because it adds a bit of personality and texture to your room. Additionally, the patterned rugs are also an excellent choice for decorating your dull walls.

3. Decorate Your High-Traffic Areas

Jute rugs are durable and also easy to clean. This makes them excellent for decorating your living room, kitchen and hallway. But if you have pets, you may have to avoid natural jute rugs because they don’t absorb odours well. The good thing, however, is, you can decide to use sisal or seagrass jute rugs.

 6 Ways to Design Your Home Using Jute Rugs

4. Create Furniture Using Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are outstandingly sustainable and sturdy. This makes them a great option for furniture furnishing and panelling. Traditionally, jute rugs were used to make hammocks and braid swings. Today you can now spot designer furniture pouffes and benches made using jute rugs. In a nutshell, today, you can decorate your entire house using jute furniture.

5. Make Cushions, Curtains and Organisers Using Jute

You can choose jute rugs of different varieties for making your curtains. You can use thick fabric if you want curtains that block sunlight or soft fabric to let the sun in. For the cushions, you have to choose a thick fabric so that they can remain durable. A jute curtain won’t fade in sunlight instead it will add a graceful appeal to your home. It also enhances the feel of cosiness and comfort in your house.

Additionally, you can decide to buy or make your own jute organisers. You can decide to buy either small or big sizes according to the amount of trash you have. You can also use the jute baskets to store your extra goods in the house.

6. Decorate Using High-Quality Designer Jute Rugs

The essential part that will ensure you achieve all your jute rugs decorations is to buy the best rug. You simply need to have enough knowledge on how to buy jute rugs. The market is filled with low-quality jute rugs that aren’t durable; read this guide on what you need to know about jute rugs.

In Conclusion

Don’t limit your mind. Get creative with jute rugs, and you will transform your entire house. No section of your house can’t benefit from jute rugs. Even your dining tables would look great with a jute rug. The important factor to keep in mind is to choose a high-quality jute rug. It will save you money and time. It will also enhance the look of your house.