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7 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Bedroom 

Nothing in the world is more relaxing and comforting than coming from a hectic day and walking into a pristine personal oasis. A clean bedroom with crisp sheets on the bed and fresh air in the window totally revitalizes your mood. Here are a few other ways you can freshen up your bedroom to give it new energy. 

1. Aromatherapy above all else

Aromatherapy can completely change the way you feel when you’re spending time in your bedroom. Looking for a way to feel a bit more balanced so you can fall asleep faster at night? Opt for a light, relaxing scent like lavender or rose to soothe your senses. Want to feel an extra pep in your step in the morning? Then choose revitalizing citrus essential oils for a bright zesty burst. Kumi offers aromatherapy products from essential oils, diffusers to crystals and gemstones as well so you can experience different aromatherapy sessions.

From creative and inspired, to grounded and tranquil, you can harness the power of plant extracts to totally control the vibe in your space without having to do much at all.

2. Your mattress matters 

Be sure to treat your bed like a personal throne with fresh sheets every week. It’s where you spend a solid portion of your day and can play a big impact on how you feel every morning when you wake up, and every night when you fall asleep.

Mattress technology these days is very advanced, allowing you to dial in the Goldilocks of firmness and cushioning. You can invest in a hybrid mattress that’s comprised of multiple spring layers beneath a blend of latex, gel, and memory foam. Or go for a SleepNumber bed so you and your loved one can have different densities of cushion catered to your exact preferences. 

Goodbye neck and back pain, good morning to a brand new you!

 7 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Bedroom 

3. Conquer those cluttered counters

Your space reflects your state of mind, and a messy or disorganized bedroom is sure to lead to a chaotic headspace. Stay on top of all those trinkets and knickknacks so they appear orderly and tidy, rather than carelessly strewn out across your desk, dresser, or vanity. If you have a “junk drawer”, get rid of it. A deep purge might be exactly what you need to rid the room of bad energy. 

4. Pick piles of clothes off the floor

Laundry is the bane of many existences, but that’s no excuse to let your clothes pile up into heaps on the floor. If you try to hold off on washing your clothes until you have a full load in order to conserve water, then consider picking up a larger hamper basket that can stash your soiled stuff between cycles. No one enjoys a musky funk filling their living space, and freshly folded cotton is clutch for keeping bad odors at bay.

5. Give it a good dust

Oxygen is the essence of life, and you should be breathing the highest quality of air in the room where you lay your head to rest. Dust particles in the air can lead to bad allergies by allowing pathogens to enter your airway, so give your furniture a good dusting once a week. Don’t forget to follow your efforts up with a broom or vacuum, otherwise, that filth will remain on the floor only to be kicked up and recirculated.

Pro-tip to pet owners: As much as you might love your furry friend, you might want to purchase an air purifier to manage their dandruff, dirt, and debris.

 7 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Bedroom 

6. Rearrange your furniture

If your space is feeling a bit drab, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy brand new furniture to breathe fresh life into it—simply rearrange the existing pieces you have to work with! You might be amazed at how different it can feel to enter an area that’s been rearranged and registers unfamiliar in your autopilot mind.

7. Add some lush greenery

Out of all the interior design tips for bedrooms, the one withstands the test of time is touches of nature throughout the space. Succulents have led the scene in the latest trends because they lend zen energy and are they’re nearly effortless to tend to. But you can always go with a classic bouquet of flowers, or if you want to extend the lifespan of your investment, place some artificial foliage in the corners.

Give these seven easy tips a try and see how simple it can be to love the room you live in.