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7 Funky Gate Designs

Façade with laser cut iron gate

Interior design is a concept that first got paid for in the early 1900s, just a little over a century ago. When people buy or build new homes, the interior design thereof usually always gets considered, yet not many pay attention to their outdoor environment – usually because landscaping and outdoor design are expensive. However, since an outdoor gate is essential for safety, it is something that must be prioritized. Although thought to be relatively expensive, you can find a reasonable price at Gates Scotland.

Get a funky budget-friendly gate design for your outdoor space that matches your budget and the outdoor design idea you have in mind.

The Best Gate Designs to Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Metal and Wooden Driveway Gate

If you are looking for a modern and timeless gate design, then the metal and wooden driveway gates are just for you. This type of gate can be designed in many different ways based on your creative preference. It is also favoured because it is durable and strong. Many classic styles come in different sizes, depending on your driveway gate needs. Apart from metal, iron can also be added as a part of the design.

Metal and wood are a good combination that looks interesting and offers the aesthetically pleasing look everyone wants for their outdoor space. These gates are also easy to open and are available in automatic and manual setups.

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron is far more durable than wood, vinyl, and other materials used to build driveway gates. Iron is resilient to bending, shock, or denting, which makes it last a lifetime. It is also a good investment because it is rust-resistant. Since it’ll keep its original look, it’s something you never have to worry about repairing either. While your iron gate may look tired over time, unlike other gates that need to be replaced, it can simply be restored by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Iron gates are perfect for any home that needs proper security but still wants to maintain a stylish or artistic look. Iron gates are also better for the earth and can reduce your carbon footprint.

 Facade of a house with a wooden gate

Wooden Sliding Gate

A wooden sliding gate with a stainless steel frame is all the hype right now. Not only are there beautiful designs to choose from, but it’s good for anyone that has privacy concerns as it can cover your front or backyard completely. While its traditional look adds to why it is a popular choice, it’s also preferred because it is much cheaper than other gate types. While wood may seem easily breakable, it is also strong and resistant to damage.

Laser Cut Sliding Gate

These driveway gates are very modern pieces compared to the traditional way of designing and constructing gates. They are custom-made and are perfect for any homeowner that wants to design every part of their home. Laser-cut gates can be made from any material and made based on a client’s requirements. These gates are just as strong and durable as other gates, and since they are customizable, they can be whatever you want them to be. It is an ideal choice for added security in your home.

Vinyl Gate

A Vinyl driveway gate can create a distinguished look for your home. It can present any type of home with the right look and is very resilient against the weather. It is also one of the best materials for outdoor pieces, like driveway gates, because it is very economical.

These gates are very adjustable, and the material keeps the gate from bending. If you are looking for a vinyl gate, it is important to find one that is high quality. When you choose the design, you should also consider the size of it and if it will fit in its new space.

Aluminium Gate

Aluminium can be used to make outdoor gates and furniture. It is very advantageous because the metal is strong and very reliable. Being thicker than most materials used for gates, it can withstand bad weather conditions, ensuring that everything inside a property remains secure. The material is used for gates because of its durable characteristics and because it is more affordable than other materials.

PVC Gates

PVC is a material that can give a gate a clean and modern appearance. It is very strong, durable, and maintenance-free, which means that it will end up costing you less long-term. Since it’s easy to clean, it can save time and effort. PVC gates are also resistant to erosion, peeling, cracking, yellowing, and rotting.

Having a PVC gate can slightly increase a property’s value, which is a significant benefit if you plan on selling your home one day.