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7 Ideal Home Improvements For Senior Citizens 

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Cottonbro from Pexels

As we grow older, it may become apparent that our mobility is not what it once was. Some people worry that they will have to leave their homes. Decreased mobility can potentially mean that moving from room to room is not as easy as it once was. 

However, there are some home improvements that can be made, helping to make life easier. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the improvements that could be made:

1. Installing a New Bath Tub

When mobility starts to become an issue, one of the main areas of concern is the bathroom. However, making the room safer is relatively easy. 

Below, are some of the things you can do to make your bathroom safer: 

  • Consider installing a walk-in bathtub, or simply installing a bath lift
  • Convert your bath into a wet room-style shower 
  • Consider installing a flood detector that sends out an alert if the water overflows

Staying safe while bathing is important but not always as easy as it should be. Making a few changes can mean you’re safer. 

2. Adding Accessible Door Handles 

While some doors may be easy to open right now, the older you are, the harder it may be to open them. If your home is full of door knobs that you need to twist, it’s time to change them. 

Opt for lever door handles. This type of door handle is far easier to open. Additionally, they can look quite stylish and complement your home’s decor. 

3. Install a Stair Lift 

The older we become, the more prone we are to falls. Stairs are a high-risk area. However, a few changes can make a difference. 

Installing a stair lift is a great way to reduce the likelihood of falls. Alternatively, hand rails can help in elderly fall prevention. 

Ideally, hand rails should start always be within reach. Install a handrail so it can be held before you use the first step. The same hand rail should end after the highest step. 

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4. Installing Motion Sensor Lights

When rooms are well lit, they’re easy to move around in. Installing motion sensor lights can help. As you make your way around the home, the floor can light up. This can help you to see the surface you’re putting your feet on.

Lights such as these can be useful if they’re installed close to steps. Additionally, motion sensor lights can be placed:

  • At the top and bottom of the stairs
  • On both sides of door frames 
  • At convenient points in the kitchen
  • Any corners of the home that are a little dark 

Motion sensor lights can give people more confidence. As they make their way around their home they can feel safer. 

5. Widening Narrow Doors 

Doors in many homes can be too narrow for wheelchairs and walking aids. If you can, consider widening them. 

By removing the existing door frame and making a wider one, it is possible to have enough space. Please note, that you may need to relocate a light switch if there is one close by. 

6. Altering Your Carpets

After time, carpets and rugs may fail to lay as flat as they once did. This can potentially cause falls. Installing hard flooring can help to prevent falls as there are fewer areas to catch feet on. 

If you wish to keep your carpets, ensure they are stuck in place. Rug grippers are ideal for both carpets and rugs. 

7. Opening up Living Spaces 

Opening up living spaces is a great way to help you move around more easily. Too much clutter can hamper efforts to move in and out of the room. By removing excess furniture, those who use wheelchairs and mobility devices will have fewer issues associated with moving around. 

Opening up living spaces can also:

  • Make rooms look brighter
  • Make rooms look cleaner
  • Highlight any damp-related issues
  • Help people to feel more independent 
  • Encourage people to live in their current homes for longer

Opening up living spaces may be a lot of work. However, once the work is done, falls can be prevented. 

It’s possible for you to make your home a better place to spend your retirement. With a bit of work, your home could offer easier access while helping to keep you safe. 

The above home improvements are ideal for senior citizens. They can ultimately mean that you get to stay in your home for longer.