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7 Lawn Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

7 Lawn Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Daniel Watson

Mowing might seem and look simple to do, but it takes time and energy to achieve that nice even-looking grass. A healthy lawn does not just happen overnight even if you are mowing with the Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower. It needs your timely attention to mowing, to thrive to a healthy pleasing turf.

Therefore, it takes a dedicated person to grow a healthy lawn that is drought-resistant and lush. So, if you just mow for the sake of mowing, then you are likely to end up with a struggling lawn.

Here are some seven lawn mowing tips for a healthy lawn.

1.   Do not scalp your lawn

Scalping is cutting the grass too short, which leaves it vulnerable to weed infestation, different kinds of disease as well as making it prone to serious damages from high temperatures and drought. Therefore, avoid it, as it makes the grass weak and scarce, while exposing the soil.

Soil exposure is the number one contributor to weed growth as it allows the weed seed to root. In addition, a sparse lawn also allows too much sun to hit the weed thus boosting its growth.

2.   Sharpen your mower’s blades regularly

Your mower blades should be sharp for better results, after each mowing session. A sharp blade is likely to cut grass evenly while a dull one will leave your turf with jagged uneven edges. The jagged uneven tears on the grass blades are likely to create openings for diseases and pests to thrive.

Moreover, a lawn cut with a dull blade will likely develop brownish or whitish hue, as the tips of the individual grass blades die back.

Therefore, make it a habit to sharpen your mower¢s blades regularly during mowing season. You can also reduce this sharpening frequency by not mowing over stones or thick branches, which can increase blade dullness. Also having an extra mower blade will not kill you, as it always comes in handy.

3.   Adjust your mower’s height

You will need to adjust mower height as the seasons’ change. For example, in summer you can shift the cutting deck higher to allow the turf to grow longer. This is because taller grass will shade the soil from the summer heat and exposure. Thus, preventing weed growth and quick evaporation of water from the soil.

Moreover, taller grass is likely to develop deeper roots thus making your lawn highly drought-resistant. In late autumn, especially in places where winter comes with snow cover. Lower the cutting deck to prevent the snow mold from forming on the grass.

4.   Mow in different patterns

Do not mow in the same pattern or direction, every time you mow. This is because you risk compacting soil and creating ruts or potholes in the lawn.

Take note that compacted soil and furrows are likely to affect the health of your grass. Besides, weed will definitely take the opportunity to thrive in the compacted soil.

5.   Never mow when the grass is wet

It is recommendable that you mow your lawn when it is dry. This is because wet grass will clog your mower deck and clump together, leaving you with uneven cuts.

If you have to mow in wet or damp conditions, use a silicone spray located on the underside of your lawn mower. This way the grass does not stick anywhere on it for better and even cuts.

6.   Leave clippings where they fall

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn after mowing, instead of bagging them, can make your lawn healthier. The term often used for it is grasscycling, and it works best for frequently mowed lawns with only one-third cut of the grass blade.

Grasscycling can save you time and money, as it makes up to 25% of lawn fertilizer. For longer turf, you can cut it first, rake the grass clippings and then mow over them for finer cuts.

7.   Mow in the evening

Mowing in high heat is bound to stress you and your grass. If you cannot mow in the morning, wait until the sun goes down in the evening and mow. It is better to mow when temperatures are cooler so that individual grass does not lose too much water and rebounds quickly after the mow.


In conclusion, mowing properly can make your grass look better with time, even in extreme weather conditions like high temperatures, drought and even during winter snow. So take care of your grass with the above mowing tips and many more, for a healthier lawn.