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7 Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

7 Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

The living area is the first thing guests notice about your home. It pays off to decorate the space with styles that complement your personality. Lighting your apartment living room can make your home look spacious. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a dark accent wall.

Yet, there are many hurdles to cross. What textures should you consider? What about the colors and tones? Many modern apartments have limited space. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider the vertical and horizontal views when decorating. Whether your apartment rentals have an open concept plan or a traditional floor plan, you can optimize for space. There are many ways to take your apartment to the next level depending on the layout.

Let’s take a look at some modern apartment living room ideas for your next interior decoration project.

Sliding Doors

You’ll find traditional doors in almost any apartment, even if they take up space. If you live in a modern apartment, you can do with as much free room as you can get. Sliding doors give an edge to your living room and also help you save space. You can also use them as multifunctional shelving units for your TV and books. Sliding doors can help you hide unsightly nooks and corners like staircases and old walls, especially if you’re renting.

Beyond privacy, they also help divide sections of the living room if you have open floor space. Instead of erecting a large wall, install sliding doors that you can open when you have guests.

 7 Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

White Walls

For some, white walls bring memories of the limitations of rental apartments. Here’s the thing, white walls can make your living room look elegant even if you’re renting. Crisp walls look classy and clean. They also serve as a blank canvass for your decoration choices. Beyond giving you multiple styling options, white walls also create an illusion of space.

To make the most of your living room, play with different textures for your furniture. For example, you can combine a wool comforter with white brick walls. Introduce warmth into your living room with the art and shelving. However, stick to neutral tones with other pieces of furniture so that the walls stand out.

Matching Themes 

An all-white living room makes your apartment look wider. If you can’t do without color, there’s another way to give your living room a modern touch without compromising on your taste. You can play with color regardless of the hue on the wall. The trick is to match the curtains with the wall paint. Even if you have yellow walls, get matching yellow drapes to complement them. It’s best if you get curtains with light fabric.

Light drapes make your space look cohesive. Against the walls, the curtains make an endless visual line, making the room length seem to go on. Ensure the shelves and accent chairs complement each other.

Open Floor Layout

Traditional apartment layouts are going out of style. If you want a modern touch to your apartment, consider switching the floor plan to the open floor layout. Maybe you’ll have to knock down some walls to get the plan you like. However, consider renting a studio apartment if you don’t own your home yet.

Apartments with open floor plans are cozy since they optimize natural light. Place your dining chairs towards the couch to easily entertain your guests. You can also seamlessly transition your living room to family dining with this design. If you must divide your space, place some plants for demarcation. But don’t forget to make the couch the centerpiece.

 7 Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

Color Blocking

Your living room color palette says a lot about your personality. An all-white living area portrays elegance. Tones like reds and yellows show visitors that you like to explore your creative side. Many apartment owners like to experiment with color but don’t know where to start. If this applies to you, consider color-blocking. Now, you don’t have to splash different shades of paint on your walls. Instead, color block with small decorative pieces like your pillows.

Since they have limited space, modern apartments can get cluttered real quick. Color blocking also helps you organize and mark different parts of your living room. Stick to colors that complement each other.

Contemporary Style 

You can’t go wrong with contemporary style when decorating your living room. Interior designers borrow from multiple decorative styles to achieve the decor design you see in magazines. That factor alone makes it attainable for people looking to DIY their home decor.

Maintaining a cohesive color palette, you can bring vintage and rustic elements into your apartment. Start with your couch, and then throw in pieces that speak to you. Against a white TV console and raffia accent chair, place a printed rug for balance.

Accent Wall 

Do you want to transform your living room without breaking the bank? Then, create an accent wall to add some edge to your apartment. Start by picking a moody color that speaks to you. For the best effect, choose one that contrasts with wall paint in other parts of the room. Add other decorative items like a bicycle, guitar, art, or even plants. It’s up to you!