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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing For Your House

For the construction of their house, people use different materials as roof finishing. These materials can range from metal, concrete, wood, hay, and asphalt. 

In recent days, many people are using metals and it is slowly gaining popularity as a finishing for their roof. These metal roofs are not only cost-efficient but also, provide a smooth and aesthetic rooftop if you can get creative enough with it.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose metal roofing for your house

1. Metal Is Very Cost Efficient

Compared to the currently used asphalt roofing, metal is somewhat expensive. They cost about $120 to $900 compared to the price of asphalt, around $70 to $160. 

But if you consider life expectancy,  you are getting something worth the money you are spending. For $200 to $900, you can get Metal Roofing that can last for 40-50 years. We researched a few Sydney based roofing companies, like Exclusive Metal Roofing, to compare the prices of a metal roof installation. We found that although metal roofing is costing more at the beginning, the return for its value is high in the long run.

2. They Are Extremely Resilient

When you have other roofing like asphalt, hay, or wood, these get damaged frequently and during a storm, you can also see them flying out of the roof. This can damage the structure of your house. 

Besides these materials are also flammable, so the roof of your house is prone to catching fire during dry summer days.

In terms of resilience, clay tiles can work well but metal roofs are usually the best option and they are extremely flame repellent. Not only are they resistant to catching fire, but they are also resistant to damages from harsh weather conditions. 

They can also be easily repaired, all you have to do is contact your local roof repair services, and they will handle the rest.

3. They Do Not Harm The Environment

Unlike other materials, metal roofing does not pose a threat to the environment as these could be recycled or repaired at a cheaper price. Wood and asphalt roofing, when damaged, are discarded, if the proper method is not taken for disposal it can be damaging to the environment.

Another interesting fact about the materials used in metal roofing is made from recycled metal. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) also states metal roofing to be an ideal eco-friendly solution.

 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing For Your House

4. They Can Save A Lot Of Energy

It has been proven by many scientists and homeowners that metal roofing can save energy. During summer, they can save up to 40% and in the winter can save up to 15% energy if they are constructed with horizontal boards between the plywood base and metal sheets. 

They can reflect sunlight and maintain a cold temperature of 50 to 60 degrees which is much cooler than asphalt shingles. However, you should always inspect your metal roof before the winter.

5. They Can Increase The Curb Appeal

As mentioned before, metal roofs are gaining popularity day by day. Due to its popularity, the houses with metal roofing are also seeing an increase in their value by up to 6%. 

So, if your house already has metal roofing you can see a price increase and can get up to 85.9% or even 95.5% in some regions while selling.

Not only does it increase the value of your house, as it has high longevity, can also save you money for maintenance and repairs.

6. They Can Save Money On Insurance

When you are getting homeowners insurance, you will save money if your house has metal roofing. Normally, the insurance rate increases if the materials used for the house is not durable and long-lasting. 

So, due to the frequency of repair, the insurance price can go up. As metal roofs can hardly get damaged and do not need a complete replacement, they can reduce the cost of insurance and save you money. 

However, you need to check whether the insurance company provides a discount for houses with metal roofs. If not, then look for a company that does.

 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing For Your House

7. Existing Roofs Do Not Need To Be Replaced

Suppose your house already has a roof installed, be it asphalt or wood or anything else. But as these are not suitable or reliable, you want to switch to a metal roofing. 

If the building code in your locality supports it, then you can save money by building your metal roof on top of the existing one instead of replacing it, metal roofs have this functionality.

Or if you already have a metal roof and the color has faded or has a few dents because of adverse weather. You can just put another metal roof on top of the existing one without removing it.

This can save the money needed to hire the laborers or roofing contractor to replace the existing roof and other related costs for replacement.

Cons Of Metal Roofs

Now that you know the benefits of a metal roof, you should also take into consideration getting a metal roof.  But it has its bad side too, few of those include-

1. High Initial Prices

Although the metal roofs are cost-efficient, it does not change the fact that it is expensive to get them in the first place. New metal roofs can cost you about $200-$700 on average.

2. Can be Noisy

As metals vibrate a lot, they can get loud when something falls on top of it and can disturb the peace of the house.

Final Thought

Many people have different choices while choosing material for the roof. But data-wise, the best answer is getting a metal roof, which might cost a bit more than the others, but can provide better safety and also last a very long time.

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