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8 High-Tech Gadgets That Are Making Classrooms Smarter

8 High-Tech Gadgets That Are Making Classrooms Smarter

Currently, virtually everything is interlinked to technology, with everything advancing courtesy of the continual technological innovations. As such, the impact of technology on our lives is undeniable. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon to see kids as young as two years independently using smartphones to watch YouTube videos.

It is therefore prudent that each classroom is equipped with several high-tech devices. This way, students can get more involved in the learning process, effectively making them grapple the material much quicker and efficiently. But precisely what devices can be used in classrooms to make them smarter? Here are several examples of the best technological tools classes can use to make them smarter.

1. Smart tables

These are digital displays that take data off the wall and reflect it on tables. These high-tech devices are re-orienting information for every age group. Various Sector leaders are producing high-tech and innovative gadgets that are sturdier compared to their wall-mounted counterparts while also supporting more synchronized interactions. They are an ideal fit for a classroom filled with eager young pupils.  Moreover, smart table layouts make them more accessible to individuals of all physical abilities and ages in comparison to smart boards.

2. Projectors

Ideally, projectors are typically simple technological gadgets that have been in existence for decades. Traditionally utilized in projecting multimedia presentations or lecture notes, these distinct classroom cornerstones, however, offer much more.

For instance, the Interactive WXGA BenQ projector usually displays interactive images on virtually any flat surface. What’s more, this flexible projector can also be hooked to multiple devices, effectively allowing students and instructors to use it fully.  

3. Smart boards:

One step beyond traditional interactive projectors, smartboards are also finding much more use in classrooms.  Similar to whiteboards, some smart boards allow the user to write on them with digital or real markers. Furthermore, smartboards can also record everything written on them, not to mention transforming digital marker lines into tangible visual components.  

Smartboards are as limitless as a user’s imagination. Users can effectively manipulate images, control cameras in outer space, or even guide online explorations. Better yet, you can mirror them through the internet, allowing a tutor to establish interactive student engagement from anywhere provided there is internet access.

 8 High-Tech Gadgets That Are Making Classrooms Smarter

4. Laptops, tablets, phones, and more

Tablets and computers are relatively prominent in most developed nations. Computers have been in use for over a decade in classrooms, especially when students are taking notes. Phones and tablets are also other similar gadgets, with the same capability but more portable.

Over the years, these gadgets have remarkably gained prominence and functionality within the classroom setting. These high tech gadgets are primarily essential where tutors have experience with ‘flipped classrooms.’ This is a system of education where pupils watch lecture videos outside their classroom setting and do their assignments in the classrooms.

Personal digital gadgets may also be interlinked or networked together to the tech infrastructure of a classroom to spread out the opportunities for collective student work.

5. Creative spaces

Lately, numerous firms have started to ditch the traditional offices and go for open space settings for better cooperation of workers. This can also work well for classrooms, and this is where creative technologies come in.

A class can utilize creative spaces to boost and ease the process of learning. The classroom settings must be somewhere teachers can comfortably converse with a student. It must also have a section with computers where students can research for their paper or assignment.

What’s more, it is easier to assess their content quickly online. All you need is to enroll and try Essay On Time plagiarism checker, among other online help tools. Another section can be stocked with high-tech gadgets (such as VR headsets, smartboards).

As for the younger kids, the creative spaces can include different tools to accommodate tactile learners and kinaesthetic such as special boards.

6. Digital textbooks

E-books are growing more and more essential since some institutions are making cutbacks on costly physical books and language textbooks. In fact, some learning institutions are focussing on more than incorporating format for standard educational texts.

California is an excellent example of this trend has begun replacing high-school textbooks. Initially, these digital textbooks were merely the traditional textbooks, albeit being in digital form. Currently, though, digital books seem more about online programs or databases in comparison to the traditional paper system.

 8 High-Tech Gadgets That Are Making Classrooms Smarter

7. Cameras

Virtually all classrooms in the USA have cameras. Typically, they come exclusively fitted in tablets, laptops, or desktops that students use. Some programs, such as Skype, when in a class setting, affords a wide array of learning experiences that can be evaluated through cameras.  

When it comes to advanced classrooms, institutions integrate high quality cameras with smartboards or projectors. This expands the experience for the whole class. Cameras can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as assessment. Some students utilize cameras to personally record themselves engaging in various activities and watch the video later to determine areas that need improvement.  

8. Holograms

Holograms are among the most effective high-tech gadgets that can offer both university and college students the practical vision for unique issues such as internal human body structure. Therefore, rather than reading the otherwise ‘boring’ traditional textbook materials, students can learn their course work in a more exciting format as offered by holograms from their tutors.


Ultimately, we should appreciate how far technological advancements have come. Not only have their rendered our lives relatively more comfortable, but they have also simplified and modernized the process of education. If you want to transform the atmosphere of your classroom and become everyone’s favorite teacher, make your classroom sessions interactive. How? Adopt modern technology into your classroom.

Each of the high tech gadgets highlighted is ideally designed to facilitate this. Gradually, every student will long for your sessions since they will enjoy the process and will learn a lot without really taking notice of how much knowledge and skills they gather.

As such, carefully contemplate which devices you can apply in your expert area, take your pick, and get ready to transform into one of the most exceptional modern teachers in your institution.


Sandra Larson is an accredited freelance writer specializing in policy and urban issues. She is also a practicing policy analyst.