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8 Reasons You Need Custom Window Blinds at Home

Bedroom with wooden closet and Venetian window blinds

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Window blinds are commonly used as a means to control the influx of light into an interior space. Because of their simple, clean looks, using window blinds instead of using regular drapes and curtains is a great way to add that minimalist appeal to your home. 

However, instead of going for regular blinds, you may want to go for something made just for you. Custom window blinds are just like their regular counterparts, except they are available in non-standard dimensions meant to suit the owner’s preferences. Here’s a quick rundown on eight reasons why going custom is the best option.

1. Perfect Fit: Custom blinds are made according to an accurate measurement of the height, depth, and width of the windows to be covered. This makes them a more flexible choice in terms of their measurements in comparison with ready-made standard blinds purchased from stores. 

Since they are made according to the window’s exact dimensions, they perfectly cover the window space without leaving any opening on the sides and without being overly extended. Some window blinds can have slats with varying widths, allowing them to match the shape of non-standard window shapes.

 2. More Personalized Visual Options: Custom window blinds avail homeowners the flexibility to choose a style that conforms to their tastes and their respective home design theme, texture, style, and color. This helps to ensure a perfect blend of all the interior design elements. More importantly, this allows the homeowner to use the window blinds to add their charm to the home’s interiors.

Custom window blinds provide homeowners with various design options they would otherwise not be able to get with regular blinds. Homeowners can pick different things such as the material for the slats, color options, and even patterns such as fake wood, floral, or even more elaborate designs. 

This makes custom blinds the perfect addition to any room. For example, living room blinds could have a simple one-tone design, while bedroom blinds can have a floral pattern printed on the slats.

3. Efficient Energy Conservation: By forming a perfect fit over the windows, custom window blinds can help improve the home’s energy efficiency. This is because the blinds can provide excellent control over how much light and heat from the sun is going through your windows, making it easier for the HVAC to keep the indoor temperatures more consistent.

 Simple kitchen with wooden blinds

4. Better Light and Shade Control: Better efficiency aside, custom window blinds’ ability to have good sunlight control in a room can help improve the homeowner’s mood and comfort. For example, the blinds can make it easier for a homeowner to sleep during the daytime, especially if they work the night shift.

Because of better light control, it also means that custom blinds provide excellent protection against UV rays, especially during brighter days. This not only lowers the risk of UV-related skin issues but also protects the furniture and other things in the room from fading and other forms of wear and tear related to UV exposure.

5. Privacy: Certain areas in the home such as the bedroom and bathroom should have some level of privacy. With custom window blinds, you won’t have to worry about the blinds being too small to allow someone to peer into a room from beyond the window while still letting some natural light in. In case you want to make sure you’re completely hidden from view; you can always shut the blinds all the way through.   

6. Longer durability: Ready-made blinds are generally considered less durable than custom blinds. Due to the ability to choose and combine the right materials, the durability of custom window blinds can be extended. A good example of such durable material is the faux wood blinds which can either be made from PVC vinyl or composite wood and provide an additional advantage of being dent and scratch-resistant and also waterproof.

7. Quality fabrication: although more expensive than the ready-made ones, custom blinds are fabricated with the best of the available materials and workmanship. They are carefully designed to carry the manufacturer’s reputation and consistently show their excellence. Therefore you get a good value for your money by choosing a custom window blind. 

8. Professional installation: Unlike ready-made blinds where the success of the installation depends strictly on the buyer, buying custom window blinds automatically comes with access to the professional services of window blind experts. These experts carry out the installation according to details thereby reducing the possibility of wrong installations. Also, the experts are held responsible in case of damages or mistakes during the installation of the window blinds. 


Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, custom window blinds are important adornments homes should have for different reasons. Doing your research to know the right customizations given your specific window treatment needs is the key to getting the best value out of your money.