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8 Signs Your Home Needs A Makeover (And How To Do It Right) 

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As a homeowner, it’s your ultimate dream to own a house that constantly looks pleasant and comfortable to live in. However, like any other property, your home may deteriorate over time. Due to the wear and tear of some materials, you might need to spruce up your house again. 

You may have noticed some trivial issues and damages in your home and think it is nothing major. But these damages may accumulate over time, affecting how you and your family live. Therefore, it is best to act earlier and save yourself from costly home renovations. 

Spot the following telltale signs to know that your home is already in need of a makeover, and consider the tips below on how to do it right. 

1. Outdated Interior Design  

Some homeowners prefer their homes’ vintage and antique feel, given their timelessness and elegance. But regardless of your preferred aesthetic, it would be best to upgrade some interior components that may look outdated. It is especially true if you can’t remember when was the last time you revamped your interior design.   

You can modernize your home and inject some contemporary style with the help of an interior designer. For instance, you can contact Allison Smith Interior Designer or any other credible interior designing services with fresh ideas on modern interior designs that will fit your budget and needs. A well-designed interior is an essential element of an attractive home.

To avoid keeping your house look old-fashioned, it is best for you to figure out what’s missing and what you can do to bring everything together. It involves some research or expert help because there is a tendency that you might not get satisfactory results, like combining the wrong colors and patterns. You may end up with a choppy-looking interior, with colors clashing throughout your home. Hence, it is best to ensure that your home looks aesthetically harmonious and cohesive with suitable themes and color schemes. 

Choosing a color that will carry through your home is the best way to revamp an outdated interior. Every room in your house may feature this selected color as an accent. It would also be appealing if interior design elements, decors, and accessories would carry a consistent theme. Every component should shadow a complementary color palette, from curtains and upholstery to throw pillows and rugs.  

2. Outdated Flooring

Undoubtedly, your home’s floor receives the most extreme conditions that may cause significant damage. You may notice that your floors will wear down with permanent scratches and deformities because the last time you replaced your flooring may have been long ago. If this is the case, it’s best to set aside an adequate budget for this home improvement project.

The good news is that there are many flooring options in the market today. The flooring industry is constantly developing new technologies. In addition, installing new flooring in your home come with many benefits. For example, replacing your old floors can improve the energy efficiency of your property. Some of the most energy-efficient flooring options you can use are natural stone or natural hardwood. They trap warm air on cold days, making your home more comfortable and minimise the use of a heating system. It could also improve the interior of your home by giving color that would reflect throughout the space.  

Some of the flooring options you can consider are hardwood flooring, laminate, luxury vinyl, ceramic tiles, or carpets. The key is finding the best flooring material that complements your home’s aesthetic and can withstand the conditions it may experience.

3. Space Is Getting Too Crowded  

When you feel like it becomes more challenging for you to move around your house, it might be because your space is getting crowded. Therefore, a home makeover would help solve this issue. A crowded space may hinder you and your family from being functional, so it is better to make changes to your floor plan.  

No matter how much floor space you currently have, there is always a wise way to maximize it. It is best to keep spatial concerns, functionality, and overall appearance in mind. The first thing you could do is assess which elements overcrowded your space. You can evaluate how furniture and other items should be rearranged to make more room. Hence, finding the right pieces of furniture could play a significant role in defining the space of your house.

If you’re not financially ready to carry out major and costly structural changes, you can create more space by rearranging your furniture and removing clutter. You may want to consider a new layout for your space and designate different areas in your home for different activities. These easy steps can help you free up more space, allowing you and your family to breathe and move around better. 

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4. Damages Are Getting More Obvious  

Your residential property is accumulating damages over time, and this is entirely normal. That is the reason why it is best to assess your house and detect any incurred damage regularly. Don’t forget to check for leaks, clogs, and plumbing issues in the living area, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

While some damages are apparent at first glance, some require extensive observation and detection. Hiring experts, such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers, would be a better option because they can perform a thorough house inspection to detect all damages you might not be able to see on your own.

5. When You Don’t Want To Invite Family And Friends Over  

Another telltale sign that your home probably needs a major home renovation is when you’re no longer comfortable inviting your family and friends over. They might be planning to visit you, but you declined because you are not confident enough to welcome them into a house with noticeable damages.

If this is how you feel, it would be best to renovate and make the necessary changes in your home. The initial step would be clearing up the clutter. Consider small and big changes you can do to make your home attractive and conducive for guests once again. 

6. Wall Cracking And Paint Peeling 

If you take a look at your house, you might spot some cracks on the walls and paint peeling off. If this is the case, it may be suitable for a home makeover. The paint may need to be touched up or changed at some point, and cracks on the wall would need to be fixed. If you can’t remember the last time you did these repairs, then now would be the best time to do it. 

Of course, these structural problems are inevitable. Thus, it is advisable to inspect if your wall paint is peeling. Maybe it is better to purchase some high-quality paint to be able to restore a space’s aesthetic appeal. Another option is to use wallpaper if you want to try out different looks and patterns on your wall. You can choose from a wide range of wallpaper designs and ideas that would suit the aesthetic you prefer.

Meanwhile, cracked walls may need to be addressed as soon as possible. You can check if there are underlying issues that may cause these cracks. If the issue is serious, you may need some foundation repair. But if it is nothing major, you can patch it with a thin layer of joint compound and leave it to dry. Once it dries, you can cover it with a new layer of paint or wallpaper of your choice. 

Your budget will ultimately determine the choice you make. Nevertheless, there are less costly options for repainting and fixing your walls. While you can go through this renovation task yourself, it’s best to rely on professionals who can deliver a better quality of work.

7. Clutter Has Filled The House  

Clutter is one common culprit for making a house less appealing. It attracts more pests and bacteria to your home, so if you want to make changes instantly, you need to declutter as soon as possible.  

Clutter is entirely normal for most homes due to hectic schedules, work commitments, and other responsibilities. The sad news is that it may negatively impact your physical and psychological well-being. In a cluttered environment, you can get irritable or confused since you might not be able to find your things easily.  

That being said, there are many ways for you to declutter efficiently. For instance, you should spare a few days or over the weekend to evaluate all your stuff and eliminate those you no longer need. You can organize and fix all of your things. 

In addition, it may not be helpful to keep buying new things. Consider recycling, donating, and even reselling your items. You should only buy items you need and discard those no longer needed.  

8. Dysfunctional Bathroom And Kitchen  

Another determining factor that your home needs a makeover is when you’re experiencing serious issues in your bathroom and kitchen. For instance, there could be plumbing problems in your bathroom, and the kitchen might not be functional as it once was. Some of these issues include faulty or leaking faucets, clogged drains, or low water pressure. Hence, it would be better to address these problems as soon as you can.

You may also add some features to make these areas more functional and add value to your home. You can consider adding quartz countertops, shiny fixtures, or new sinks to make these rooms look more modern. Work from the ground up, beginning with the paint job and then adding eye-catching features like the bathtub, cabinets, and large appliances in the kitchen. These features can instantly revamp your kitchen and bath. 


It is everyone’s dream to live in a well-organized, comfortable, and cozy home. When you can finally detect all or some of the abovementioned signs, you know it is best to execute a home makeover as soon as possible. Additionally, it would help if you considered your family’s input when observing these signs. Talk to them and decide about the necessary changes you may make to your home.