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8 Tips to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

Corner kitchen in open-plan living area

When it’s time to make a sale, every homeowner dreams of selling their home faster with a higher selling price. Some even prefer selling their house for cash due to multiple reasons, such as they may require cash immediately and may want to ditch the lengthy process. For example, if you want to receive cash for house in Kansas city, you should thoroughly research the most professional and reliable cash house buyers in your area.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to spend some money and put extra effort into your home before you sell it for a higher value. That’s why, in this article, we’ll share 8 effective tips to make your property more valuable and sell faster. Read below to discover!

1. Clean and Declutter

You should start off by decluttering your home. Of course, you want to make it easier for future homeowners to envision their personal space effectively. Get rid of all unnecessary items, from expired food containers, unused kids’ toys, and stationery to a bunch of old clothes.

Remember that interested buyers would like to see every inch of your house before they make an informed buying decision. You should also clean every nook and cranny of your house to give a perception of a well-maintained and fresh space.

2. Upgrade to Smart Features

A smart home holds more value in the eyes of potential buyers than a conventional home since they imagine the convenience it will bring them and the amount of money they will save after purchasing the property.

For instance, you can replace your old thermostat and kitchen appliances with smart ones. Of course, this can be a bit costly, but if you consider that you will probably receive a higher value for your house due to smart features, you will be willing to make the necessary investments.

3. Refurbish with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Since you want to give interested buyers a new look of your home, you should spruce up your interior with a fresh coat of paint. Another factor to consider here is that you may have painted your walls orange or pink (no judgment here!) as per your personal preferences, but not everyone has the same taste as you.

Therefore, changing the wall colors to neutral ones will be your best bet here, and this also means that buyers won’t have to do the extra work after purchasing the house.

 Bathroom with mosaic and double sink

4. Work on Your Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal instantly makes it more attractive to buyers and entices them to explore the inside of your property too. Your house will not only look nicer but will also boost its value.

You can add some greenery and flowers to your lawn and remove dead plants or weeds. Adding lights in the entryway and around your lawn will make your outdoor space look neater and brighter. Ensure you also power wash all the dirt and grime off your driveway and porch. Furthermore, you can design a well-defined path with stones or bricks and even flowers or lights to make it more inviting.

5. Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom can drastically boost the value of your home and will ensure a greater return on investment, as they are thought to be the primary features of a house.

There’s no doubt that renovating both the kitchen and bathroom can cost you a lot of bucks. If you don’t have the budget, you can do minor renovations such as updating hardware, fixtures, and small appliances and adding modern décor items.

6. Add Usable Space

Having a larger live-able space enhances the financial value of your home since individuals get to have more usable space with added functionality. Therefore, if you have an unfinished space or a basement, you should turn it into a usable space by adding carpet or drywall along with fresh coats of paint.   

If you can add another bathroom or a room to your house, this can also facilitate you in elevating the fair market value of your property.

7. Deal With Structural Issues

It’s imperative to deal with structural issues before you start renovating or redecorating your space. For instance, it’s better to fix leaky roofs, insect infestation, collapsed floors, or broken roof tiles to enhance your property’s value and give no reason to buyers to not quickly purchase your house for a greater value.

If your home has any structural defects, make sure to contact and consult with a builder or structural engineer.  

8. Choose Your Real Estate Agent Wisely

Last but not least, you must ask your family members and friends to suggest a professional and reliable real estate agent who will genuinely help you sell your home faster. Make sure you also ask them a few relevant questions to assess if they best suit your needs and preferences.

The right real estate agent should be able to advise you on how you can enhance the value of your home based on their experience, tell you what you’re doing wrong, and negotiate the best price for your property.