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9 Design Hacks to Create a Breathtaking Apartment

9 Design Hacks to Create a Breathtaking Apartment

How should you remodel your home? A survey shows that around 90% of American homeowners plan to renovate their residences, while 40% are scheming for remodeling in the next two years. But you shouldn’t refurbish your dwelling to please your romantic desires. Instead – experts suggest – you must consider the ROI of each residential addition. For example, remodeling the kitchen may cost more than $68,000, but you’ll recover nearly $40,000!

Similarly, bathroom refurbishing offers a 54% ROI, while adding a master suite provides a 50% return on investment! So, do you think your plans to renovate the house are worth it? Let’s review some cost-effective renovation ideas for your deserving apartment. 

Tips for Renovating Your Apartment

Given the statistics mentioned above, we’ll mention design hacks that aren’t just aesthetically appealing but also add some value to your dwelling. You shouldn’t invest in meaningless renovations that have no economic benefit in the future. Instead, choose design hacks that both give your curb a glamorous décor and enhance the residential worth of your residence. Now, there are several domestic decoration ideas out there on the internet. But we’ll discuss ones that can help you create a “breathtaking” abode:

1. Reconsider Stairs

Let’s begin with stairs and their place in your apartment. So, how about not having them at all! You should rethink your apartment’s structure and reconsider removing that staircase for good. Try to imagine if you’ll be comfortable with climbing stairs in the next decade. But if you’re adamant about keeping these stairs, try installing a collapsible staircase. Try Klapster that produces folding stairs for people residing in small apartments – especially if you have an attic you like to visit frequently.

 9 Design Hacks to Create a Breathtaking Apartment

2. Don’t Forget to Repair the Roof

It’s a piece of expert advice that you don’t forget to revamp your roof to increase the apartment’s overall worth. If you don’t know how to waterproof a flat roof, contact professionals to repair a leakage. Experts nowadays apply Italian-made solvent-free liquid roof coating that can withstand extreme temperature. It’ll help put a protective liquid membrane over your roof to safeguard against its seepages. By doing this, you can save the ceiling of your entire apartment from any damage accrued due to seepage. 

3. Install Temporary Wallpapers

Maybe you’re wondering that the walls don’t look classy enough or the paint’s wearing off again. So, how about putting up a bunch of removable wallpapers to give these walls a new look? You can now easily apply/remove these temporary wallpapers. Many domestic improvement stores sell adhesive-backed peel-and-stick wallpapers, or you may purchase some online. Try to buy bright, cheerful ones, as ugly wallpapers will add more gloom to your walls.

Another trick homeowners use to decorate their dwellings involves creating a “gallery wall” in your home. How do you make one? You need to gather the family’s most precious pictures and then decorate one wall with these beauties. This wall will become a “focal point” that serves as the center of the house. If the pictures aren’t framed, you may hang them with washi tape or use a removable adhesive. You’ve now decorated the residence with family portraits without concern.

5. Use Mirrors

Another design hack involves using mirrors – as many of them as you can afford – to brighten your apartment’s appearance and make the place appear more graceful. Since these mirrors reflect more sunlight than windows let inside, thereby lightening the interior of your apartment. Just hang one in the dining room near a window to make the place appear more spacious. Are there any dim corners in the house? Use this technique to bring illumination to those gloomy corners with a few bucks.

6. Stick It to the Wall

If your apartment doesn’t look spacious, there’s a trick to make it appear more open-spaced without spending a single penny! Just align everything – every piece of furniture in the room – to a wall. This trick will suddenly transform a congested apartment into a spacious dwelling. You’ll get more space in the middle of the apartment to resume your chores or hang around with friends. Homeowners have found this technique effective for every room in the apartment. You can experiment as well!

 9 Design Hacks to Create a Breathtaking Apartment

7. Use Smart Storage

Don’t forget to utilize every single corner in your apartment effectively. Homeowners use hidden storage/shelving for keeping their stuff stored in an organized manner. But you can choose to declutter your dwelling and transport unnecessary belongings to a self-storage unit, have a look at Self Storage Cardiff for an affordable unit! Technologies have transformed the security of these units where people can store their stuff for temporary/permanent safekeeping. So, this also comes under the category of smart storage.

8. Create Open Spaces

Let’s not forget to mention the smartest of all design hacks, i.e., creating open spaces. Try having an “open floor plan” for the apartment. Some modern homes have even started adopting today these Japanese-styled open floor plans. They involve combining more common spaces to create one larger space. So, you eliminate partition walls and have most of the house joined for more flexibility. If you crave some privacy, try going with half walls since they don’t block your view completely.

9. Bring the Yard Inside

You can make your house look greener and friendlier by bringing the outdoors inside the apartment! Just install glass sliding doors to access the outdoors visually! This hack will make your guests feel more comfortable inside your apartment as they can easily monitor what’s going on outside. Perfect for a winter evening or rainy season! You can enjoy whatever’s happening outside without thinking about getting drenched in the rain or covered in snow. You can also bring a plant inside your abode.


How much wealth are people spending on domestic decorations nowadays? In 2019, the Remodeling Impact Report revealed that Americans spent around $400 billion annually on repairs. It’s difficult to ascertain which renovations are worth investing in today since houses may be small, outdated, or don’t have that design appeal. The trick lies in design hacks that don’t cost you much but make heavier impacts on your domestic aesthetics. We’ve mentioned some of our most excellent tips to change your residence’s interior design. These suggestions will enable you to transform the apartment into a location you can call home! Now, any apartment – old or new – has the potential to be turned into your haven.