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9 Garden Shed Ideas for your Backyard

Gym in the garden shed

If you have a garden, then you most likely have a garden shed. And if you do have a shed, here are some amazing garden shed ideas to try out.

Make it a little more obvious 

Rather than hide it away at the back of the garden, you can reinstall the shed somewhere more open, probably at the front or center of the garden. This way you give it the attention it deserves. But that is not all, a little touch-up is needed here. You can try painting the shed with a beautiful bright color, maybe white or an attractive cream shade, just something to make it more obvious. Add flowers to your shed, this goes pretty well on white paints. You can also display some hanging baskets on the wall.

Take it up a notch

Not just a place to relax, but a place to have fun; that could be your new shed. Put up a small bar in the shed for backyard garden parties and alfresco sundowners. You can plant some herbs for the cocktails just to be a little more resourceful. Take it up a notch by turning your shed into a place to entertain friends and family, while they enjoy the beautiful view in your garden. You can add cushions or a bench seat in the shed.

A romantic farmhouse won’t be bad

If you need a new romantic space for you and yours, this is a way to make one. Add beautiful colored lights to the shed, and some pretty flowers. That can be accompanied by beautiful soft flooring. Stacking up lovely romance books on shelves could make things a little better. You’ll need a couch here, and pretty much anything to create a beautiful atmosphere to fall in love with.

Try it as it should be 

This is a little different, because now it’s not about, transforming the shed into a whole new space, but rather using it for what it is meant for; your garden tools and plants. It does not have to be the old regular way though, yours could be a little different. Add storage baskets in the shed, pot up some plants and store your gardening tools, in a simple manner. What do they say? Sometimes less is more. 

You could use some flooring 

Most quality garden sheds come with flooring, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit more. Adding new flooring, preferably with carpets, can make your shed feel like a comforting space. You could really use a little comfy space sometimes. This should not cost you too much especially if you have a smaller shed. A small size floor carpet should do just fine. You’ll be surprised how totally transformed your garden shed will look after this. 

 Reading place in the garden shed

Make it your own little space 

If you live some alone time, this is one way to get it, and in a super exciting manner. The idea here is to make the shed as comfortable as it can be for you. There are a few things you can try out. Get somewhere else to store your garden tools, perhaps in the basement, whatever works for you. Then transform the shed into your own little space. You can add a sofa in there, beautiful flower pots, and possibly a few books to keep you busy on some days. 

Store bigger equipment 

Rather than stick to the smaller garden tools you can turn your shed into a perfect storage facility for bigger items like power tools, lawnmowers, and pretty much anything that can be damaged by prolonged exposure to different environmental conditions. This is a safe way to keep this equipment functional for a longer time. 

Create a color shed

Beautiful colors are always exciting, so why not try something new with colors in your garden shed? Create a fun atmosphere by adding colorful flowers to your shed, you can likewise fix a little table lamp in the shed, this looks super pretty especially at night. 

And who knows, this may eventually work as a temporary working space for you, especially on weekends and holidays.

Add a bit of decoration style

Although, you may want to keep it simple with your garden shed, doing too little may be too mundane. So you can consider touching things up a bit, by doing some little decor in your shed. Note that doing too much here may not be too ideal as well, except you are trying out a new decor trend to incorporate into the main house.

As a plus, here are a few things to check out before buying a garden shed

Does it cost too much

Since garden sheds are more like additions to your backyard you don’t want to spend too much on them. If you want something more conspicuous for your house, it is preferable to choose one that won’t cost you that much. There are different price ranges for these sheds so make sure to pick one that will fit your budget. 

How durable is it

Garden sheds are usually exposed to different environmental conditions, so you want to choose one that can withstand these changes and external factors. Before picking a shed check for reviews from previous users, this will give you insight into what you’re getting. You shouldn’t be buying a shed if you will eventually have to replace it in a few years. A shed’s durability is usually determined by the material it is made from. Metal sheds tend to last longer than wooded types. However, among the wooden ones, there are varying levels of durability. 

Physical appearance 

Although this may not be the top priority here, it is still an important factor to consider. Since the shed is a part of your compound, you might as well just choose one that will add more beauty to your home. Note that, these sheds do not necessarily have to be expensive, to be beautiful. There are cheap garden sheds that can create beautiful views in your backyard. 

Does it fit in

This is where the size comes in. Compare the size of the garden shed to the available space you have in your backyard. Since garden sheds come in different sizes, you need one that won’t take up too much space in your compound; obviously, you will need the extra space for other items.