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9 Staircase Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

9 Staircase Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

A staircase is one of the highlights of your property’s exterior. However, this design element is usually taken for granted. When choosing a staircase design, remember that a staircase must be safe to use in residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Building inspectors and reputable contractors follow code regulations that set rules on how deck stairs should be constructed. It is for safety purposes.  

Aside from a safe staircase design, look at the following staircase design ideas for a more beautiful outdoor space. And if you are looking where to buy outdoor hot tub, you can contact our partners.

1. Modern-Looking Prefabricated Exterior Metal Stairs 

If you want a modern-looking staircase, choose prefabricated exterior metal stairs. These stairs are code-compliant and designed to meet your specifications. Prefabricated exterior metal stairs made of high-quality steel are durable with galvanized finish for your modern property. Other materials in constructing outdoor metal stairs include carbon steel and aluminum. 

When choosing prefabricated exterior metal stairs, you need to keep OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and IBC (International Building Code) standards in mind for safety. It’s best to find a staircase supplier that prefabricate stairs using state-of-the-art equipment and perform quality inspections to ensure accuracy. 

There are various types of metal stairs, such as the following: 

  • Alternating Tread Stairs: This type of metal stair is suitable for limited spaces. 
  • Bolted Access Stairs: These standard stairs come with an erection bolt design without welding required during assembly. 
  • Crossover Stairs: These platforms come in standard stairs and alternating tread stairs. 
  • Loading Dock Stairs: These stairs are easy to install and pre-fabricated. 
  • Commercial Steel Stairs: These stairs have egress stair systems. 

2. Versatile Concrete Stair Design 

One of the most stable construction materials is concrete. Hence, concrete stairs are suitable for hot and cold climates. Concrete stairs match an outdoor space with a modern pool and a stone patio, giving an edge of elegance to any property. But what makes concrete stairs favorable for outdoor use?  

Concrete stairs for your outdoor area brings the following advantages: 

  • Safety: This material doesn’t release any toxic fumes and it doesn’t decompose. 
  • Durability: Concrete stairs require little maintenance and last a lifetime. 
  • Ease Of Design: Concrete stairs can be customized according to your desired size, shape, and texture. Many designers prefer concrete for the outdoors because you can do anything to it such as painting, applying tiles, and staining. Designers incorporate the environment to concrete staircase designs for landscaping concept. 
  • Ease Of Installation: Choose precast than poured-in concrete stairs for easier installation. In this way, you don’t have to worry about construction delays because precast concrete stairs can be used immediately.

 9 Staircase Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

3. Metal-Concrete Combination Staircase Design 

If you want to benefit from the qualities of both metal and concrete, you can combine the two materials. Choose concrete for the steps and metal for the railings. This staircase design matches a gravel landscape perfectly, along with a fire pit and soft lighting for a simple yet edgy modern look. 

Do you want everything modern and beautiful? A modern yet exquisite home can embrace concrete staircase, metal railings, and concrete cement patio. 

4. Elegant Solid Wood Staircase Design 

Are you looking for an elegant staircase design? A solid wood staircase is your best bet. It’s classic and very durable. 

Check the following staircase wood materials: 

  • Pine: Pine trees are popular tree varieties, encompassing several different species. Yellow pine is durable because it’s incredibly dense. It’s a popular lumber for building homes, including staircases because it can withstand temperature changes, harsh climates, glue, staining, cutting, and woodworking tools. 
  • White Oak: This solid wood material is used for wood floors and stairs that work well with machine and hand tools. White oak is a versatile material that makes a great base for building stair treads. 
  • Others: If you’re planning to install an outdoor wood staircase, you can use a rot-resistant wood that can withstand moisture and heat. Other wood materials include cedar, teak, and fir. 

5. Glass Staircase 

Do you like the idea of a modern glasshouse or commercial establishment? You can choose a glass staircase with stainless steel or iron painted railing. A glass staircase with concrete steps is the best for outdoor use. It’s better to keep glass step stairs design ideas indoors. 

6. Spiral Stairs 

Are you looking for a stair design that’s different from others? Spiral stairs have many benefits to your space and exterior style. They have a small footprint, making them easy to fit into any design.  

Spiral stairs are perfect for climbing from the first floor to the second-floor deck or patio. You can maximize the square footage of your deck or patio. Spiral stairs come in metal or wood that can match any range of budgets. 

 9 Staircase Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

7. Hidden Storage Outdoor Staircase Design 

Make your outdoor staircase more functional by constructing a hidden storage underneath. You can use the space to store firewood, sports equipment, and garden supplies. The designs are endless depending on your preference such as adding a small door to keep items inside safe. 

8. Mobility-friendly Staircase 

Do you want your property to be accessible even to disabled people? A mobility-friendly staircase is ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), equipped with a stair lift. It is a motorized chair that’s battery-powered. Stair lifts glide up and down an indoor or outdoor staircase on a metal rail mounted to the treads. 

9. Stone Or Brick Staircase 

A stone or brick staircase is recommended for those who want to have an outdoor stair structure that complement the natural landscape. You can implement this staircase design for your country style or rustic themed property. 

Stones and bricks are naturally weather resistant, elegant, and low maintenance. They never rot, splinter, or need refinishing like wood. Stone is resistant to water absorption and cracking. Brick masonry is weather and fire resistant than stone masonry. 

Both stone and brick materials are durable. While stone is more durable than brick, the latter is less expensive. Both materials can withstand the hot sun, strong winds, and subfreezing temperatures. 


These staircase design ideas are pleasing to the eyes. But of course, more than the aesthetics, you want to choose a design that reflects your personality and fashion style. The durability, material, convenience, and safety are just some of the important considerations when choosing the best staircase design for your property.