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The World’s Lightest and Most Compact E-Bike

A-Bike Ltd

The A-Bike Electric is the world’s lightest and most compact electric bike. Its telescopic design means it can be folded to fit into any journey. The electric power assistance makes riding easy and keeps you going for up to 15 miles (25 km). Born from the A-Bike concept developed by British inventor Clive Sinclair to change the way people thought about daily commutes and travel, he new A-Bike Electric stands out by being “the lightest and most compact“ electric bike. A-Bike Ltd, a small team in London, have been working to revitalise the A-Bike, modernising the design and making it easier to ride.


The brushless motor and a quick charge 24V battery powers A-Bike Electric for up to 15 miles (25km). Using aircraft grade aluminium and high-strength glass-reinforced polymers, the bike is light enough to take on public transport, carry up stairs and get through busy crowds.


A telescopic design means it can be transformed and ready to ride or carry in less than 10 seconds. Its space saving design allows A-Bike Electric to be tucked away under a seat in a taxi, at the coffee shop or at work. Removing the need to find space in a bike park and concerns over possible theft.

The A-Bike team hopes the Kickstarter campaign will raise £40,000, and a limited number of initial backers can purchase the bike for a discounted rate of £449.



all images and video courtesy of A-Bike Ltd