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A Brief Guide To Choosing Exterior Doors For Your House

Exterior glass door opens to back garden

It’s often said that you can tell a lot about the people who live inside the house by the exterior doors. While there are many considerations in buying an exterior door, it’s undoubtedly a tricky process, considering how innovative and wide the exterior door industry is. Many materials, designs, architectural styles, and aesthetical features are available for homeowners to choose from. Hence, you must acquire basic know-how in finding the perfect exterior door for your residence.

Having a sturdy exterior door will allow your home to be safe and secure from external elements that range from harsh weather to possible break-ins from burglars or criminals. You must take time to evaluate and stay keen in inspecting what aspects are essential for your door. Rely on credible door experts like Window Factory and other reliable contractors to advise on which doors are best for your home.

To make your door selection relatively more effortless, you can depend on this brief guide for some basic exterior door information:

1. Consider The Material Of The Door

Glass, steel, and wood are among the most common materials used in front and side entry doors. Depending on the house, sometimes, a combination of such materials is preferred. There are different textures and colors for each of these materials. And there are interior and exterior finishing types you can opt for. It’s best to inquire about some experts’ advice and learn more info about the wide range of door types available in the market today.

Check out these different door material types to weigh which one is the best choice for your home:


Residential exterior doors increasingly use glass as a material of choice. One thing that makes glass a popular preference is its aesthetic features. It never fails to add elegance and finesse to a home when the doors are made of glass. With the innovative components of modern glasses today, they’re durable enough to be used as exterior doors.


Weather resistance and security are excellent characteristics of steel, which is one of the most versatile and cost-effective materials. There are no cracks or warps with steel, unlike other door materials. Most steel doors built for premium markets are insulated with high-density foam and have an inner steel frame.


As an entry door, wood remains a classic option because it offers a high-end look and is highly resistant to scratches. Many lumber materials are used to create wooden doors, and it’ll all depend on your budget and preferences. A wooden door can be designed with intricate carvings, so they’re suitable to enhance any home’s curb appeal. However, a wooden door needs more maintenance as varnish and protective coatings will eventually fade away with time. 

2. Choose The Right Aesthetic Features

When choosing exterior doors, you should pick styles that complement your home’s architectural style and achieve an alluring curb appeal. While it’s essential to focus on functions, you need to find a door that’s also easy on the eyes. This will enhance your home’s overall value.

Consider a classic wood exterior door if your home has a more traditional style. But you can opt for glass type if you want it to look more attractive. Home styles are varied, and every homeowner is unique, so selecting a front door that complements your home and matches the home’s theme is imperative.

Also, make sure that the color of the exterior door won’t go out of place with the rest of your home’s exterior details. The color you choose for your home should reflect your neighborhood’s local climate and style.

 Woman enters the house through the front door

3. Ensure Security

Aside from focusing on variables such as sturdiness and aesthetics, one should never overlook the importance of security. For instance, there are effective ways to secure sliding glass doors for better home security. However, depending on the type of exterior door, you need to ensure that it comes with the highest security feature ever. For one, it should accommodate a secure lock system that’s never easily penetrable by thieves.

Your front door hardware and accessories should also be chosen with attention to detail. Look at the handles, knobs, and other elements of the exterior door. Every component should be made with high-grade materials. Consider the door frames too. Make sure they’re robust even when people or strong winds try to break them open.

4. Prioritize Insulation Efficiency

Front doors made of steel or fiberglass improve insulation against the environment over wood. However, there’s still an imperative need to ensure no leaks and gaps are present within the door. Hence, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the door frame’s quality and details. It should come with a weatherstripping feature that eliminates air away. This ensures proper locking when the door is closed.

When exterior doors are correctly sealable, air won’t have to seep through, improving home energy and insulation efficiency. Check among your exterior door choices and go for the one that comes with a thermal insulation feature. After all, you need a door that effectively keeps your home warm from the winter and cool during summer.


It’s crucial to select the best exterior door for your dwelling place. As it’s a hefty and essential investment, it’s understandable how you need to know the basic information and details about the different kinds of exterior doors available. After all, choosing the right front door will improve energy savings, less maintenance, and smoother operation.