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A Guide To Strong Commercial Landscaping Design 

Small bushes facing the facade of an old redeveloped building

You and your business only have seven seconds to make a strong first impression. Since the exterior of your brick-and-mortar premises are the first thing customers see, it’s important it looks the part. Not only should commercial landscaping improve the overall appearance of your building, but it should also be functional, too. The right landscaping will attract new customers and pave the way to business success.

Highlight the entrance

The front entrance works to create a customer’s first impression of your business, so it’s important it looks the part. For example, potted plants, colorful flowers, and symmetrical planters on either side of the doors will highlight your entryway, catch peoples’ attention, and provide customers with a warm welcome. It’s also important to create a pathway from the parking lot to your entrance. Decorative bricks or stones can create a clear, attractive pathway, while also preventing customers from missing your entrance or getting lost while trying to locate it. Similarly, your business’ brand name, logo, and hours should also be displayed on your front doors.

 Top view of new landscaping around an industrial area

Make it pretty

Commercial landscaping should also work to highlight the unique natural beauty of your area. For example, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee is known for its wide variety of natural wonders and scenic spots, including the Great Smoky Mountains. Businesses in Pigeon Forge should therefore embrace landscaping that reflects this natural beauty. A flower garden, for instance, can add beauty and even promote your business (choose flowers in your brand colors or even use them to spell out your business name). Alternatively, even if your business is in a more urban location like NYC, for example, you can still implement attractive landscaping with natural elements that help customers feel relaxed and at ease. Clean lines, planter gardens, and ponds, in particular, can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere that encourages customers to stop, linger, and enter your building.

Create an outdoor seating area

If you have room for an outdoor seating area, it can be a great way to attract customers, particularly if they need somewhere pleasant to wait (employees may also enjoy using the area on lunch breaks). For example, at its simplest, a seating area can easily be created by adding a few benches along the pathway right up to your front entrance. Or, if you do have lawn space, picnic tables and recycling bins can be used to create a larger seating area. Seat cushions and umbrellas in your company colors can also help the area stand out, while improving style and comfort. And, don’t forget lighting to improve safety and aesthetics (regardless of whether or not your business is open at night). Simple LED lights can be installed along pathways; they also have automatic timers to improve energy efficiency.

When done right, commercial landscaping can strengthen the overall impression customers have of your business. By highlighting the entrance, adding natural beauty, and installing an outdoor seating area, you can create a welcoming and attractive front entrance for customers and better make a positive impact they won’t forget.