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A Handy Guide To Angle Grinder Spare Parts

A Handy Guide To Angle Grinder Spare Parts

Anna Shvets from Pexels

Angle grinders are also known in different names. Some tag them as side grinders, while others call them disc cutters; whatever you call them, there’s no denying that it’s a must-have in construction work and home improvement. Everyday do-it-yourself or DIY guys or professional home contractors find this tool very important in their work.

A versatile piece of construction power tool, grinders are essential for polishing, cutting, cleaning, and of course, grinding various types of materials. The secret to this multi-purpose home and industrial device is the attachment of appropriate disks based on their intended use. Whether you’re a construction newbie or a seasoned handyman, it pays to brush up your skills about them.

Let’s take a look at the spare parts of this construction must-have so that you can use them properly and learn which parts can be replaced.

Cord Protector 

A cord protector is a staple on any other potable, heavy-duty construction device. Also called strain relief, this part prevents the cords from getting exposed. If this happens, the user may be at risk of being electrocuted. It’s a piece of black rubber that you insert on your angle grinder.

 A Handy Guide To Angle Grinder Spare Parts

Cable Plug or Battery

This is an essential part of your power tool and any construction gear that relies on electricity for it to run. Operating an angle grinder  requires power. As such, you can’t operate your angle grinder once the plug is busted. Cable plug spare parts are available online and in hardware stores.

Other types of side grinders have a battery pack as their source of power, too.


Despite its name, an angle grinder carbon brush doesn’t look like your regular bristle toothbrush or hairbrush. Instead, it looks like a square or rectangle-shaped stone with wires attached to it.

Also known as carbon brush or motor brush, this essential spare part conducts electrical current from the wires to the moving sections of the angle grinder. The brush is the most sought-after spare part of a disc cutter, because, like your discs and blades, the brush is subject to continuous friction and eventually wears out.

You know you’ll need your brush replaced when your angle grinder performs erratically. Tell-tale signs include the motor keeps running on and off or the grinder doesn’t hold as much power as it used to before.

Power tool spare parts are available in brick-and-mortar hardware stores and online. If you’re in need of some, you can check out sites such as topdealsonline.shop stock carbon brushes for angle grinders if you need to replace yours.

 A Handy Guide To Angle Grinder Spare Parts

Discs and Rotor Blades

As the actual part that does the dirty work, blades and rotor dicks can easily be chipped, damaged, or cut. Because it’s the most important part of piece of your grinder tool, it always pays to have a spare part for when you need to replace one in emergency cases.

There are many types of discs and rotor blades for your angle grinders, such as:

  • Cutting discs,
  • Sanding discs,
  • Grinding discs,
  • Flap discs,
  • Grinding stones,
  • Sanding discs,
  • Wire brush wheels, and
  • Polishing pads.

Blade Guard

Another protective part of the side grinder is called the blade guard. It’s attached to the lower side of the head of the disc cutter, facing the user. A blade guard, also called a wheel guard, has a circular shape, and half of it touches the material while the other half on the user’s side is blocked off to prevent the user from the debris and sparks.

Main Handle 

As with other must-have tools for professional builders, you need to be able to control your angle grinder while you’re using it for better results. To allow for easy operation, most manufactured disc cutters have controls located in the main handle, such as power switch, lock button, and in some cases, speed dials.

The main handle is easy to spot; it’s the elongated part that protrudes from the head of the angle grinder. Even if you’re holding it with your dominant hand, it’s recommended that you choose a grinder that’s comfortable to hold. And, if you’re looking for an aftermarket or replacement part, make sure it’s easy to hold for long periods of time.

 A Handy Guide To Angle Grinder Spare Parts

Secondary Handle

Some operations need a steadier hand, especially when cutting construction pieces. That’s when a side handle comes in handy. This part typically sticks out from the sides or the top of the head of the angle grinder.

For easy handling, some come in textured rubber to provide grip and prevent your hands from slipping. Some second handles aren’t so flexible, being attached to the tool’s head. Some do offer flexibility and are placed on either side of the head, with adjustable features.

Final Thoughts 

Like any other power tool, an angle grinder has a few parts that you need to learn about.  Knowing these parts can help you know your angle grinder better, allowing you to operate with more care. With this renewed knowledge about the spare parts, you’re also able to identify if you need to buy a new unit or if the busted part can be replaced.