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A Look Inside the MAMA Shelter Los Angeles

MAMA Shelter Los Angeles

Designed by Thierry Gaugain, MAMA Shelter Los Angeles perches six-stories over the beautiful freaks and sputtering neon of Hollywood Blvd. The rooms are havens with comfortable king beds and 27 inch iMacs (featuring television and movies, music, video/photo booth, and of course the Internet). MAMA’s rooftop allows you to take in the sights of all of Los Angeles with a near 360 degree view from the Hollywood sign to Downtown to South Bay to the Westside. MAMA Shelter Los Angeles stands few blocks away from the peaked roof and cement celeb handprints at the Chinese Theatre along the Walk of Fame, as well as countless boutiques and bars, tattoo parlors and record shops, burrito spots and vegan restaurants.

In addition to its fancy rooms, the MAMA Shelter Los Angeles offers to its guests a 1930s Spanish-style lobby, a rooftop with a Venice Beach-style fitness center, and a dining experience by lauded French chef Benjamin Bailly.

Room prices start from the $149 USD per night for the Medium MAMA room to the $399 USD for a XXL MAMA Suite. Head over to MAMA Shelter Los Angeles‘ website for booking information.

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all images courtesy of MAMA Shelter Los Angeles