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A Touch of Chanel in Zurich

Bruno Helbling

Swiss architect Daniele Claudio Taddei brings to the 21st  century one of the Zurich’s first loft, dating back to the 80’s. The fresh modern and elegant look was achieved by the very puristic, cool and clean play with the colors white, beige, gray and brown. Tension has been created with the contrast of divergent materials, like glass, concrete and cashmere. Color accents were achieved by a few simple elements of furniture. The black frames around the glazing has been jokingly referred as “a touch of Chanel” in reference to the classic Chanel suits.

To keep the open feel of the large space the bathroom was replaced in the form of a glass box, which also housed a new laundry and the guest toilet. The floor openings have been covered with glass, to let the light through. The stairs were replaced and the existing wood floor was treated with colored pigments. The kitchen extended with a stainless steel countertop.

 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-2 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-3 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-4 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-5 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-6 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-7 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-8 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-9 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-10 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-11 a-touch-of-chanel-by-daniele-claudio-taddei-©Bruno-Helbling-12

all images © Bruno Helbling