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Accurate 3D-Printed Lunar Globe by Oscar Lhermitte

Oscar Lhermitte

French artist Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu studio have teamed up to realize a perfet 1:20,000,000 scale mode of the moon. Moon is a topographically accurate lunar globe displaying the current Moon phase at any given time.

The project involves the use of the latest data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter combined with advanced electronic and mechanical engineering paired with careful craftsmanship in mould making. This results in a truly accurate copy of the Moon with surface’s features in every detail.

With the use of algorithms, a ring of LEDs follows in real time the path of the Moon and constantly lits its correct face, recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth. Learn more about the product on its Kickstarter page.

 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-2 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-3 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-4 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-5 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-6 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-7 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-8 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-9 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-10 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-11 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-12 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-13 accurate-3d-printed-lunar-globe-by-oscar-lhermitte-14

all images courtesy of Oscar Lhermitte