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All You Need to Know When Replacing Your Boiler

All You Need to Know When Replacing Your Boiler

Replacing your boiler is a big decision and not one you always get to take your time with. Knowing that heating and hot water are essential can force you into making impulsive decisions. They may not always be right. Thankfully, a good boiler installer will have your back. Even so, there are a few things it is useful to know when replacing your boiler.

Be Wary of Saving Statistics

Based on a three-bedroom, semi-detached house with an old, less efficient boiler, research proves that a new boiler can lead to average savings of about £210 per year. Conclusively, if you have an old out-dated boiler, you will have higher energy bills.   

You may not benefit from the savings in short term since the average installation price is higher but over considerably less time than the life expectancy of your new boiler and it purchase price and installation costs will be recovered.  You also benefit from a safe and efficient system that is not likely to let you down when you need it, which adds great peace of mind.

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

The life expectancy of a boiler is 15 years. If yours is reaching that age, call in a professional from LS1 Boilers and prepare for replacing it soon. Since yours was first fitted boilers have come on a long way to be more environmentally friendly and efficient and therefore much cheaper to run.   To ensure things stay that way take advantage of yearly service contracts. The first three years are usually offered free with the purchase. 

 All You Need to Know When Replacing Your Boiler

Think Ahead

Knowing the right type of boiler for your household needs is essential. Among them, the most common and popular is the combi boiler that heats water on demand. According to experts, other considerations should include any plans for expanding your family or property. For instance, if you foresee you are likely to require an additional bathroom or more taps or, if  you plan on installing solar power thermal. This will place greater stress on your boiler so it is better to plan for this now. One important thing to also consider is the new boiler cost when planning to get a new one or replace an old one. You want to make sure that you get the best option that is the best fit for your budget.

Condensing Information

Unwanted vapor created in the process of heating is condensed back to water and returned to the system. Every boiler uses this process to some degree. To install a condensation system to an existing boiler is simple and the science behind it is easy to understand. A condensation pipe or pump with access to the outside is sometimes required. Which one depends on your dwelling. However, condensation pipes can freeze during severe cold weather proving these systems are still not as reliable as they need to be. 

Replacing a boiler is likely to be a once in a lifetime decision even if it is one we occasionally need to make in a hurry. Like anything, knowledge is power and the person that has far more than you, is a professional boiler installer. If you are not sure what the stats mean, or whether a fact is really true, these are the guys you need to call out and talk to. A good installer who knows all the pros and cons of various boiler systems will help you work through the decisions you need to take so you end up with the most efficient and reliable boiler system for you.