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Alpstories Concept Store in Zagreb by Brigada

Domagoj Kunic

Zagreb-based creative agency Brigada has designed the interior of the first concept store of Slovenian cosmetics brand Alpstories, that includes a robot that makes customized beauty products. AlpStories is a cosmetics brand combining the traditional therapeutic usage of essential oils from the Austrian Alps with modern preparation technology. As the brand itself, the store also had to mirror the link between nature and technology.

Spatial organization emphasizes the personal approach to each customer. By combining colors, materials and structures, the entire space evokes freshness from the Alps while communicating nature & technology collaboration.


Store design is based on original retail presence concept that Brigada created according to the brand characteristics and market positioning. AlpStories has two main, but very different product stories – ‘Our story’ which presents branded cosmetic products created by the AlpStories specialists, and ‘Your story’ that is based on displaying the cosmetic products customers create themselves.

‘Our story’ is consistent, strong and clear, while ‘Your story’ is spontaneous and very heterogeneous because of the endless possibilities customers have in personalizing the products. The main feature that illustrates these endless creative possibilities is a technically advanced robot that is used in production of the products. The professional and scientific approach to the customer is present inside the store with stations for ‘Your story’ product design and an electronic skin analyzer.


This is the first store in the world with all natural cosmetics that offers clients a chance to create their own product, which then is produced by a robot inside the store in real time. The robot is uniquely developed by scientists in Slovenia for this purpose, based on medicinal transplant technology. By using this fully automatized method, there is no possibility of human error while mixing the product.

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