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Anti-Solar Panels Make Solar Power Generation Possible At Night

Anti-Solar Panels Make Solar Power Generation Possible At Night

Turns out nighttime is favorable to generate electricity. The solar industry never stops surprising with novelties. Everything started with simple solar panels that generate power from sunlight. Then, efficiency-boosting solar panels like hairy and floating ones got invented. Now, we have the possibility to take advantage of the energy of the sun during the nighttime with anti-solar panels. How is that possible? Will that be as beneficial as traditional ones? Let’s proceed with the article to get answers. 

What Are Anti-Solar Panels?

Anti-solar panels remove the gap in the process of the sun’s energy generation. It makes the energy generation for 24/7 a reality. How do these work? Opposite to traditional solar panels, anti-solar panels generate energy from the heat that Earth’s surface radiates off. As the air gets colder at night, heat gets radiated from Earth’s surface that has already been warmed throughout the day. As a result of the process of radiative cooling, anti-solar panels take infrared light and turn it into consumable electricity. Similar to traditional ones, anti-solar panels’ efficiency may differ with solar panel size

 Anti-Solar Panels Make Solar Power Generation Possible At Night

How Beneficial Are Anti-Solar Panels?

For now, we may base our expectations on research as these are not tested in practice. With the amount of scientific research we have, the probability of getting deviated results is close to zero. That is why I would like to share with you that anti-solar panels will be a massively valuable contribution to environmental sustainability. An additional aid to reduce carbon footprint won’t harm. Traditional solar panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. Now imagine if anti-solar panels function at night. The miracle of having a completely CO2-free environment will become possible. Also, more companies will decide to go solar as more solar energy will be available.

Nighttime has never been so gainful. Use the period when you sleep as a time to make the environment cleaner and greener.