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Applesauna by noa*, South Tyrol

Alex Filz

Designed as part of the Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Saltaus in the Passiria Valley in Northern Italy — a region well know for the the apple production — the ‘Applesauna’ conceived by noa* – network of architecture is totally melts with the surrounding landscape. For noa* the starting point and key element of the design was the circle of the apple throughout the year: the new sauna- and wellness area forms the period of repose.

The entire sauna area is dedicated to the repose period and is diving into the nature in the truest sense of its word. The spa area consists of a sauna with changing rooms and a shower as well as a relaxing space. The outer structure of the wellness building is totally green and is seen as a hill, which evolves into a mystical and intimate space at the interior.

 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-2 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-3 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-4 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-5 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-6 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-7 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-8 applesauna-by-noa-network-of-architecture-photo-by-Alex-Filz-9

all images © Alex Filz