London-based studio Thomas Heatherwick has completed South Africa‘s biggest art museum — The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA).  The museum is housed in 9,500 sq mmetersof custom designed space, spread over nine floors, carved out of the monumental structure of the historic Grain Silo Complex. The silo, disused since 1990, stands as a monument to the industrial past of Cape Town, at one time the tallest building in South Africa, now given new life through the transformation by Heatherwick Studio.

 Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

The galleries and the atrium space at the centre of the museum have been carved from the silos’ dense cellular structure of forty-two tubes that pack the building. The development includes 6,000 sq metres of exhibition space in 80 gallery spaces, a rooftop sculpture garden, state of the art storage and conservation areas, a bookshop, a restaurant, bar, and reading rooms. The museum will also house Centres for a Costume Institute, Photography, Curatorial Excellence, the Moving Image, Performative Practice and Art Education.

 Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

“The idea of turning a giant disused concrete grain silo made from 116 vertical tubes into a new kind of public space was weird and compelling from the beginning,” said Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio. “We were excited by the opportunity to unlock this formerly dead structure and transform it into somewhere for people to see and enjoy the most incredible artworks from the continent of Africa.”

 Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

“The technical challenge was to find a way to carve out spaces and galleries from the ten-storey high tubular honeycomb without completely destroying the authenticity of the original building,” added the architect. “The result was a design and construction process that was as much about inventing new forms of surveying, structural support and sculpting, as it was about normal construction techniques. As the opening approaches we are all looking forward to witnessing the impact of the museum’s ambitious artistic programme and the museum taking its pivotal place in the middle of Africa’s cultural infrastructure.”

The museum is one of several facilities that Heatherwick Studio is creating within the grain silo building, which forms part of the V&A Waterfront, a harbour-side complex filled with bars and restaurants. The development also includes The Silo Hotel, which is already open.

 Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Zeitz MoCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

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